Should I buy a Chainless or Unrolla bale feeder?

Published 28th January 2021

We’re making your decision easier! A Hustler consultant, Angus Hewetson explains the positives and negatives of Hustler’s Chainless and Unrolla bale feeders so you can determine which model is the right fit for you!

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Hello, we often get asked, should we buy a chainless bale feeder? or should we buy the unroller series which has chains on the floor? Now, the first question is: Are you doing square bales or are you doing round bales? If you’re doing square bales, the chainless is the way to go. It’ll do square bales and it will also do round bales. Whereas the chain version the unroller version is really just a round bale feeder. Okay? So the next question is, you might say yes I do round bales, but my question to you is, what happens if you run out of round bales, if you run out of feed, you have a hard winter or you have a drought? With square bales as being the most effective to transport, often they’re the easiest to get hold of. So if this potentially could happen, it could be wise to invest in the channels. The next thing is, if your round bales are really tight, really good solid bales, well you can get a little frustrated with the Unroller series because the bale can just keep turning around and around, with very little hay coming off, you can only push the lever that way or pull it that way. Whereas with the Chainless, on the right hand side, you have two rotors that turn in the same direction and the bottom rotor is turning the bale, the top rotor is clawing the hay off very gently and the table is putting pressure on that bale, which is putting pressure on those rotors so they work together. So there we go the last thing is, with the Chainless, true to its name it has very few moving parts. It is very quiet when it’s operating and it’s very low maintenance. So there we go. That’s the way I’d look at it.Any more questions feel free to contact us on the numbers below or the email addresses below. Thank-you very much!