Why is the Hustler Unrolla bale feeder’s bed flatter than other brands?

Published 1st December 2020

You’ve asked and we’ve answered!

Listen to consultant Angus Hewetson, answer a commonly asked question; Why is the Hustler Unrolla bale feeder bed, flatter than other brands? Hustler changed to a lower bed on their machines so it can rolls the hay over the side of the machine more efficiently. 

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Hello, people often ask us, why our beds on our unroller series bale feeders are slightly flatter than some other brands? Well did you know, that we actually used to have them steeper and we’ve changed to a slightly less angle. The reason for that is, if you have a big angle, as the chains and spikes come around and come up like this, as the bale turns they just pull out of the hay. If it’s a little flatter, it takes the hay over the edge more efficiently. So because of Hustlers experience, it has found the perfect angle.
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