Even Feed Roller (4ft)

Feed out even more bales

Designed to break up the tightest of High-Density Square bales, the new Even Feed Roller attachment option allows any Chainless bale processor to feed out even more bales with consistency.


Features & Benefits

2-Position Roller

2-position roller

The adjustable 2-position roller, let’s you switch from feeding out rounds to high-density squares in seconds, without tools.

Easier operation

The Even Feed Roller is easy to use and makes more consistent feed rows, and allows any Hustler Bale Feeder to feed out tighter cores.

Single Lever Control
Retro-fit for any pre-2020 X Series bale feeder


The Even Feed Roller can be retrofit to any Pre-2020 Hustler Chainless X series model.

Quick release

The quick-release allows the different positions to be switched quickly and without any tools.

Quick release
4ft or 5ft Bale Feeders


Can be added to any 4′ or 5′ model.

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