American beef farmer “couldn’t imagine not having” his Hustler Applic8r mounted boom sprayer as “it’s just making life way easier”

Published 3rd August 2022
United States

Lance Yanish runs a 100-head cow-calf and replacement heifer operation in North Dakota, dealing with pretty rough terrain. He purchased a Hustler Applic8r LX1150 with the EagleTech hydraulic boom and “couldn’t imagine not having this unit now.” Watch the video below to find out why. 


Lance Yanish farms in New Salem, North Dakota, United States, running a 100-head cow-calf operation with a focus on raising replacement heifers. There are about 1.83 million beef cattle and calves in North Dakota, that’s more than two cattle for every person in the state. 

A year ago, Lance decided to invest in a Hustler Applic8r mounted boom sprayer to carry himself herbicide and fertilization applications on his hay and crop fields. “If I didn’t have this sprayer, I would have to hire people or in some of our rough terrain pastures we would have to get an airplane or helicopter to spread,” Lance explained. “We are able to use the boom lifts from one side to the next to go on side hills and to get into areas that other people were not able to get,” Lance detailed. 


“That’s exactly what I was looking for”


Not only does having his own sprayer save Lance money in labour, it gives him flexibility because he has the freedom to do his spraying when he wants. “I’m able to do it when it works for me,” Lance said.

Lance wanted an easy-to-use, trouble free sprayer unit, compact enough to reach any parts of the farm. “We use this Hustler Applic8r for spraying weeds in the spring prior to planting, and then also in the fall after we harvest crops. We also use this midsummer to spring to spray our pastures to get rid of noxious weeds,” he said. The Hustler Applic8r is a versatile spraying unit, suitable for both pastures and crop fields.  


“I couldn’t imagine not having this unit now. It’s just making life way easier.”


The Hustler Applic8r range is designed for bridging the gap between large-scale self-propelled sprayers and small tank units mounted at the back of a pick-up truck or a quad, that are often made of average quality plastic materials, offering little to no options.

With “the electronic valves of the Hustler Applic8r, you’re able to get in and spray, and not overspray,” Lance said. “The adjustable boom and the three-point hitch mean that I could go into a pasture situation or a crop situation and that’s exactly what I was looking for.”


“The adjustable boom and the three-point hitch mean that I could go into a pasture situation or a crop situation”


The Hustler Applic8r range is entirely configurable to your operation. Lance chose the Applic8r LX1150 mounted 300-gallon tank coupled with a 46′ EachTech hydraulic boom. This model embarks a flush tank, a hand wash station, a handy toolbox and the MixMax™ agitation system

Thanks to the 5.2 gal (20L) ErgoMax™ induction hopper and pre-mixing system, “you don’t have to go up on top to put your chemical in it has a side compartment you can put your chemical in and it will mix it,” said Lance “I love that!” The ErgoMax™ allows the operator to pre-mix powders, chemicals, or fertilizer and fill from waist height for extra convenience. Designed with a smart sluice feature and container rinse nozzle to simplify clean-up and is fully sealed to prevent dust from entering the hopper during transport and contaminating your spray.


“The Hustler Applic8r is built really well”


Every single detail has been well through-through. “The Hustler Applic8r is built really well. It’s got metal reinforcements everywhere,” Lance said.

“The boom arms are reinforced,” Lance noticed. The EagleTech boom is certainly a class-winner when it comes to stability and application accuracy. Featuring yaw, vertical and individual sectional suspension and hydraulic boom dampeners, in-line sectional filters, transport boom-locks, and the most user-friendly wing-lift you can find, the EagleTech boom is made for a silky smooth glide like an eagle, no matter how rough the terrain is! This specification comes really handy to spray along fencelines or to access difficult parts of the pastures.  

“There’s also nice skids on the bottom for setting it down and storing it – just a well-built design,” Lance continued. 

As with all its products, Hustler focuses on customer service. “Hustler has been great to work with. If I’ve had any questions, they always pick up the phone and answer.”

Overall, Lance is very happy with his Applic8r boom sprayer. “I’m sure I’ll have this for many years to come. If I had to do this all over again, I would definitely choose the Hustler Applic8r,” Lance concluded. 


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All in all, the Hustler linkage boom sprayer range Applic8r – with the industry’s best warranty, unique best-in-class agitation and mixing, toughest design on the market, user-friendly low profile – is simply one of the best compact mounted boom sprayers on the market today.

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