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Published 31st August 2023

Rowan Fetterplace, a cattle beef farmer from Osterley in New South Wales, Australia took a leap of faith when he embraced the Hustler BaleSlice LX190 bale cutter into his daily routine. With claims of reliability, significant time savings, and ease of use, Rowan’s testimony provides great insight into how the Hustler BaleSlice has transformed his feeding routine.


“I would describe the Hustler BaleSlice as reliable, very time-saving, and pretty easy to use,” says Rowan Fetterplace, his words reflecting both satisfaction and enthusiasm. Nestled in the Hunter Valley located north of Sydney, Australia, Rowan’s farm spans over 600 acres and is home to a thriving herd of 230 Angus breeders. 

Feeding forms a cornerstone of Rowan’s daily chores. With 15 round bales of silage to distribute each day, the process was not without its challenges. The time-consuming task of manually unwrapping bales, fending off eager cattle, and ensuring a mess-free feeding environment weighed heavily on his routine.

Rowan’s encounter with the Hustler BaleSlice occurred just a few months ago, heralding a significant shift in his feeding regimen. “Prior to having the BaleSlice, I would bring down six or eight bales at a time I would get out of the tractor. I would take the plastic off, take the net off and then I’ll go and put them into the hay feeders,” explains Rowan. The repercussions of this manual process were apparent – cattle jostling, interruptions, and an all-around chaotic feeding experience.


“This machine cuts the plastic, picks the net out and drops the hay into the feeder”


The Hustler BaleSlice entered Rowan’s life as a beacon of hope, heralding an era of streamlined efficiency. This innovative machine alleviated the painstaking chore of unwrapping bales and quelling cattle commotions. “This machine cuts the plastic, picks the net out and drops it into the feeder. It’s very easy to feed out multiple bales without actually having to get out of the cab of the tractor,” details Rowan. 

One of the pivotal aspects of the Hustler BaleSlice lies in its automation. As Rowan testifies, this machine embodies the essence of convenience. Feeding multiple bales no longer necessitates stepping out of the tractor’s cab. A routine once characterized by multiple cab exits and manual interventions now flow seamlessly, saving time and optimising efficiency.

Rowan’s endorsement of the Hustler BaleSlice hinges on its simplicity. This isn’t an intricate piece of machinery demanding technical prowess, it’s a tool designed by farmers for farmers. The user-friendly design blends harmoniously with Rowan’s daily operations, bridging the gap between technology and practicality.


“It definitely makes things a lot quicker for me”


Rowan’s recommendation for the Hustler BaleSlice is rooted in tangible benefits. “It definitely makes things a lot quicker for me,” says Rowan. He lauds its ease of use and practicality, asserting its role in enhancing overall efficiency. His message to fellow farmers is clear – the Hustler BaleSlice is a modest investment with far-reaching implications. Its impact extends beyond convenience, it’s a solution that resonates with those who value time and operational fluidity.


BaleSlice is equipped with a secure and positive 4-hook wrap removal system, keeping unsightly wrap away from the tractor cab. The process of collecting and releasing wrap from the cab underscores BaleSlice’s commitment to tidy operations.


“I recommend the Hustler BaleSlice mainly just for the ease of use”


The Hustler BaleSlice operates on the principle of gravity-assisted slicing. Designed to cut bales from top to bottom, it promises increased efficiency and reduced waste. The financial implications are significant, translating to decreased labor, time, and diesel usage. Furthermore, the smart 4-hook style wrap holder ensures zero plastic in the wagon, optimising the feeding process.

The BaleSlice cutting edge, inspired by the mining and earthmoving machinery industry, is made from HB500 steel, ensuring durability. From cutting edge to rams and pins, every component has been meticulously reinforced by Hustler’s renowned quality assurance. An industry-leading 5-year warranty underscores its reliability and robustness.


“It’s not too complicated. Definitely makes things a lot easier and you won’t be disappointed”


In the words of Rowan, “It’s not too complicated. Definitely makes things a lot easier and you won’t be disappointed.” His narrative encapsulates the sentiment of farmers seeking simplicity, efficiency, and a better way forward.


Hustler BaleSlice LX190 – Specifications

Application: Round bales up to 4′ (width) x 5′ (diameter)
Unit Weight: 469 kg | 1,034 lb
Dimensions (L x W x H): 1900 mm x 920 mm x 940 mm | 74.8 in x 36.2 in x 37.0 in
Capacity: 1 bale
Hydraulic required: 25 L/min | 6.6 gal/min


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