Farmer Moves from South Africa to set up New Zealand Dairy Farm

Published 1st August 2017
New Zealand South Africa

When Sam Richards moved from South Africa to North Otago to set up his dairy farm, he chose a Hustler Chainless X5000 bale feeder. Find out what he has to say to his fellow countrymen about his discovery… 

When shifting countries or working a season abroad there’s no doubt you discover some interesting and unique equipment, especially in the farming communities, where ingenuity runs thicker than blood. This was the case for Sam Richards who shifted from South Africa to set up a dairy farm in the North Otago region of New Zealand some years ago. One of those discoveries he made was Hustler Equipment’s Chainless X5000 trailed round and square bale processor

So being such a common sight on New Zealand farms, and New Zealand’s favourite bale feeder brand, what was to risk for Sam, by giving it a go? Well, as Sam found out, there was a lot more to lose had he not taken the X5000 for a demonstration, in fact the demonstrator never left his farm. 


“This is a really good machine, and it will be worth

it’s weight in gold when you buy it”


So what does Sam like about it?:
  • Safe and easy to use, the feeding out can now be delegated safely to his partner or workers
  • Fast, it gets the feeding out chores done in a fraction of the time
Watch this video to see what Sam has to say: