Why does Mark Benns think Hustler Katipo sprayers are built exceptionally well?

Published 9th August 2019
New Zealand

Dairy farmer, Mark Benns, talks to us about how his Katipo Sprayer has changed his operation. Following Mark’s first story with us on how rapt he was with his Hustler Softhands & owning three Hustler products on his 65 hectares farm in Waikato New Zealand.

No doubt, Mark is a raving Hustler fan & passionate about farming. Hustler is passionate about improving farmers everyday life.


With handling a water rate of 100L a hectare, roughly we get 11 Hectares per tank, which is 6 tank loads and we have done our whole farm, says Mark, This is fantastic.

Getting his Hustler Sprayer set up with a boom jet, means there is no boom on his Katipo sprayer. Instead, there is a series of nozzles on the Mounted boomless Sprayer that project out a spray fan that reaches 10 Meters. 


“We run everything on a 10 Meter centre due to our paddocks being small”

This means, Mark can run the same centres as he does on his fertilizer spreader and everything will still work very well. The beautiful thing about the boom jet is that it’s so easy to use anyone can jump into the tractor and get spraying. 

Having the inspection step has made a big difference when filling the tank, for someone like me, who is vertically challenged. The way everything has been set up on the Katipo 1150 Sprayer with the pressure gauge and controls shows me that a lot of thought has gone into the design. It’s fantastic, says Mark. Having the in-cab control allowing you to turn the unit on and off keeps things really simple.


“I like the way Hustler’s Mounted Boomless sprayers have everything nicely tucked away with a neat and tidy set up.

There has been a lot of innovation and thought go into the design which really appeals to me.”

Integrated into the design is a handy toolbox that is quick and easy to open and has plenty of space for spare nozzles, filters and is also convenient for storing controllers when the Hustler Sprayer is not in use. This is one of the features Mark raves about on his Mounted boomless Sprayer. It has a built-in 18-litre tank for clean water so that you can wash your hands once finished filling. 


“It has been built exceptionally”


Watch Mark’s full story:


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1. To save you stripey paddocks, Hustler used the latest CAD flow simulation technology to create the perfect mix of fluid throughout the tank without dead spots

2. Filling’s a snap, fill as you normally would through the lid or with our unique CoupleUpTM 2” tank filling system, if you have a mixing station or trash pump you can fill directly using that pump, or you can also utilise the Katipo’s own pump to fill out of a trough or stream with an optional 5 or 10m filling hose

3. The adjustable valve mount means when the sprayer is parked in the shed the valve can be adjusted out of harms way, then when you’re using the Katipo it can be adjusted forward so that it is easier to reach from the tractor

4. A floating ball tube gauge makes it easy to read the calibrated ViziGauge that is visible from 120 degrees, so you can easily see from the tractor and the ground how much fluid you have left

5. Compact and built to last, it has the biggest chassis section in its class! Careful attention to detail and unique chassis/tank/pump integration has allowed Hustler to produce the most compact sprayer available today. The Katipo’s chassis has been CAD tested for stress and real-life tested for fatigue on our destroyer. It lasted in excess of 4 times the required benchmark