How does Hustler help a Taranaki farmer, do a better job feeding out his bales?

Published 12th July 2019
New Zealand

Based at the bottom of Mount Taranaki, Paul Lightoller farms 580 cross-breed dairy cows on 244 effective hectares with the great help of two SL360X (Unrola LX105) Hustler bale feeders. Read more to discover when it comes to feeding out bales, Paul places his trust in Hustler.

Paul bought his first Hustler three years ago, and the second one is just finishing its third season. As he is using his machines over his two dairy farms, Paul loves the Hustler’s Snaplox patented hands-free auto connection system (comes as standard with the SL360X) which means no need to tug on a rope to disconnect the headstock from the feeder.



“We use Hustler because of its reliability, its ease of use, the maintenance free and its longevity in our operation.”

The SL360X Snaplox system is only one of the many great features which drew Paul to choose Hustler. Some other key benefits which comes with the SL360X (Unrola LX105) bale feeder:

  • A very simple design makes the SL360X very easy to use and to operate, which means more efficient and no long hours of training for staff

  • The machine also offers an excellent visibility of what happens behind, making your operation safer and easier

  • And very low-maintenance machine!


In addition to be low-maintenance (just a regular greasing), Hustler’s bale feeders are also strongly-built, which means that they are reliable and designed to last a long time. With the toughest chain and floor bars on the market (combined strength of 24,000lbs and 40mm x 40mm galvanised bars) makes the SL360X (Unrola LX105) a bullet-proof balefeeder for your operation!

“As you will find with all Hustler gear, it is very well made, with the highest quality powder coating finish. Three years into the use of our SL360X, we have had no breakdown issues.”


“Overall, a pleasure to use!”

The SL360X (Unrola LX105) has made a definite change on Paul Lightoller’s farm, saving him time and feeding out with no waste. And the cherry on top of the cake: it’s a pleasure to use! Paul says. Proud owner of Hustler’s machines, Paul is happy to recommend Hustler gear to anyone.

“I would recommend Hustler bale feeders to anyone, it has served us well over the years and can see us using it well into the future.”


Check out Paul’s testimonial video to find out more!



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