Hands-Free Auto Connecting Bale Feeders Open Up Feeding Options

Published 12th July 2018
New Zealand

Find out about the 12 Advantages of Hustler’s patented connection system on 3 point linkage mounted bale feeders, and how it’s opening up more choices for farmers, and simplifying their operation…

In the past to disconnect your feeding cradle from the head-stock when using 3 point linkage mounted bale feeders, required pulling on a rope, this made it difficult to mount the bale feeder anywhere else except on the rear of the tractor. 

The team here at Hustler took on board feedback from farmers and developed this patented new feature called Snaplox. This simplifies your operation, all you need to do is lower the machine to the ground and drive away, the dual latch system automatically disconnects and is ready to reconnect the moment you drive away.


12 Advantages of Hustler’s Patented Snaplox Hand-free connection system: 

  1. No need to pull on a rope, whilst simultaneously juggling the 3 point linkage lift height and reverser
  2. No more strain or twisting of your back
  3. No hydraulics
  4. No need to pull on a hydraulic lever to disconnect
  5. No need to remember to reset a hydraulic lever to enable it to lock again
  6. No wasted time plugging in extra hydraulic remotes
  7. No need to wait for hydraulics when disconnecting
  8. No smashed rear windows
  9. No accidental disconnection
  10. No twisting of the frame
  11. Works on front-end-loaders opening up a huge efficiency and versatility advantage
  12. Just simple reliable, a mechanical action that is seamless and fool-proof and operates naturally. . 

Watch Field Consultant, Gerald Raikes explain the differences: 


See what these farmers have to say about their Hustler round bale feeders: