Germany’s most reputable cattle exporter invests in Hustler bale feeding technology to cut labour

Published 9th July 2018

Masterrind is arguably one of the most reputable cattle breeder and exporter in Europe, exporting 35,000 Holsteins to EU countries, Russia, Africa and Asia and employs more than 600 staff. We meet with z.H. Jörn Lohmüller to find out how their SL360X round bale feeder was helping reduce labour.

Located at their Regional Center in Bad Zwischenahn, Jörns team is feeding 3000 bales of silage and hay each year to the 5000 cows they export and needed an easier way to feed their cattle and save labour, with previously been feeding bale manually. The number one priority is the well being of their cattle considering they’re worth €30,000 each!


Looking for a machine that was versatile, could operate on their Gehl mini-loader with just 1 set of hydraulics and allow them to feed bales in their small stables with low ceiling clearance, they found Hustler’s round bale unroller the perfect match to their application.  

“This machine is perfect for us.

It allows us to work in small, low stables”


Masterrind 7

Being a self-loading design with the removable headstock and loading spear make for an incredibly versatile bale unroller, and allows them to use the machine for shifting and stacking bales, as well as making it quick and easy to disconnect. 

Masterrind 4 Masterrind 3

Watch the video to see what Jörn has to say: