After 12 years using a Chainless bale feeder, New Zealand dairy farmer decided to stick with Hustler

Published 26th August 2021
New Zealand

After owning a second-hand Hustler Chainless bale feeder for 12 years, George Blackwell decided to upgrade to a brand new model “because of the run he had out of the last one.” Watch this video to find out why George decided to stick with Hustler!

George farms at Mangamaire, just South of Pahiatua, New Zealand. He milks 400 cows and feeds out 400 to 500 bales a year to his herd.

Twelve years ago, George bought a second-hand Hustler Chainless bale feeder. “It had a brilliant run and when that came to the end of its life, I decided I was always going to buy another Hustler because of the run I had out of it,” George explained, simply because he “knew what I had so it was what I was going to buy.”


“They’re solidly built and they’re a good, tidy, well-built machine”


George bought a mounted Chainless LM104 bale feeder 12 months ago and “it’s been really good. I had no issues with it,” he said.

Hustler bale feeders are renowned for their durability because no chain means less wearing parts and less maintenance! One of our customers has had a similar model for 20 years and expects to use it for a long time. You can watch his testimonial by clicking here. George is thrilled with his machine because it’s easy to grease and to maintain.

“Because I bought new this time, I hope I get twice as long out of this as my old one. So hopefully it sees me out of farming,” George laughed.

The Chainless models are also virtually a silent feeding operation which means your stock will be more comfortable.


“I’m really happy with it.”


Another benefit of the Hustler bale feeder is also the ease of use, meaning that any of your staff can handle the machine easily from the first run. Darcy, George’s farmworker and main man on the farm when he is away, simply commented “bloody brilliant” after using it for the first time.

The Hustler Chainless bale feeders are also a great choice when it comes to versatility. These models are able to feed every type of square or round bale and have been proven on more bale types than any other bale feeder. George has sometimes misshaped and tight bales to unroll but “you learn how to work with it and it’s a great machine,” he said.


“I’m really pleased with it, pleased with the money we spent to buy it.”


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