Feeding bales and silage to 16,000 ewes with the Hustler Combi RX218

Published 9th June 2023

Justin Lobb of Locmaria Farms, Australia, has discovered the perfect solution to streamline his feeding operations with the Hustler Combi RX218 feedout wagon. Watch the video below to find out more about how the Hustler Combi RX218 is revolutionizing the way Justin feeds his growing flock of sheep.


Situated near Naracoorte, on the border between South Australia and Victoria, Australia, Locmaria Farms represents the diverse and thriving agricultural landscape of the region. With its 4700-acre expanse, the farm is home to about 16,000 ewes with the plan to expand to 25,000 ewes in the next three to four years.

Locmaria Farms has been using Hustler gear for several years. They own an older Hustler Combi CM136 equipped with a Hustler Swifthitch quick hitch. “The previous model that we had that we still have on the farm is perfectly good,” Justin explained. It was just getting too small for the growing needs of the farm, “we had to make two trips to a lot of areas and that just took time,” Justin continued.

Two years ago, Locmaria Farms decided to invest in a brand-new Hustler Combi RX218, the biggest capacity of the range, that was just released then. Back in 2021, the Hustler Combi RX218 had set the world record for the highest number of bales fed by a single machine in 8 hours non-stop in real-life grass-fed farming conditions.

The Hustler Combi RX218 multi-feeder wagon, with its robust design and adaptability, proves to be an ideal companion for Locmaria Farms’ staff.


“We can go to a mob of 1,400 ewes and feed them in one go”


One of the key advantages Justin highlights is the ability to feed large mobs of ewes in a single go. With the Hustler Combi RX218, Justin and his team can effortlessly cater to groups of 1,200 to 1,400 ewes at once, significantly reducing the time and effort required. Justin explains, “To be able to feed mobs of eleven, twelve, fifteen hundred in one load actually saves so much time.” This efficiency is crucial for Locmaria Farms, which aims to expand its operations in the near future. 

The Hustler Combi RX218 enables Justin to maintain the perfect feed ratio for his ewes by combining silage and hay, all in the same machine. With a generous loading capacity of 17 tonnes, Justin can deliver precisely measured rations to his flock, ensuring their nutritional needs are met. “We can put more hay as well in this, which allows us to have that ration that we’re looking for with the ewes – that mix of silage and hay,” Justin said.


“If we’re looking at feeding both silage and hay out, the Hustler Combi RX218 was probably the best option for that”


The tridem steering suspension axle of the Hustler Combi RX218 is ideal to carry more weight while preventing soil compaction improving floatation on soft ground, allowing for a smaller tractor to be used compared to a tandem axle design. The combination of a rear steering axle, with a more popular tyre size range extends tyre life, reduces pasture damage and scuffing, and lowers the overall operational cost for the same weight class.


“The main benefit of the Hustler Combi to our operation is efficiency”


As Locmaria Farms continues to expand, the Hustler Combi RX218 has become an invaluable asset in maintaining operational efficiency. Justin praises the significant time savings provided by the feedout wagon, emphasizing its role in optimizing their daily tasks. “The main benefit of this to our operation here is efficiency,” he stated. By reducing the need for multiple trips and allowing for larger loads, the Hustler Combi RX218 streamlines the feeding process, allowing Justin and his team to focus on other essential aspects of farm management.


“I wouldn’t go past any of their products and ranges” 


Justin’s positive experience extends beyond the Hustler Combi RX218. Having used multiple products from Hustler Equipment, he attests to their consistent quality and reliability. “I’ve now had the opportunity to use multiple products and yeah, they’ve all been very, very good,” Justin said. This endorsement showcases Hustler’s commitment to delivering reliable and efficient farming solutions.

“Both the older wagon that we have and this one – 100% recommend, and as the only feedout wagon we have at home as well,” Justin concluded.


 The Combi RX218 in eight key features

1. Chainless. Twin speed rear pusher blade powered by hydraulic cylinders and greaseless slides provides longevity with low maintenance.

2. Feed Control. The new Feed Control in-cab joystick gives fingertip control over the entire feeder, letting you control the feed row of any feed type and density.

3. Tough design. With the toughest 12,000lb roller chains and hardened sprockets, the new RX range is built to handle the heaviest loads with ease.

4. Puckboard floors. Hustler unique heavy-duty Puckboard floors are slippery, durable and extremely tough. 15mm thick rear floor and 12mm thick cross floor for longevity.

5. Visibility. When it comes to visibility no other wagon beats an RX. See right through to the rear of the machine and into the cross floor with no obstructions blocking your view.

6. Strong feedbars. Hustler have gone to a larger feed bar, giving maximum torsional strength with a lower profile for the best of both worlds.

7. Agile drawbar. Unique drawbar provides superior maneuverability and weighs the load both when on the jack and attached to the tractor without the need to fold and unfold a parking stand.

8. Simple maintenance. All chains have adjustable tensioners with easy access for long life and simple servicing. A central greasing station is standard on all models for simple maintenance.


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