The Hustler Combi feeder proved to be the toughest and easiest machine to use on a New Zealand dairy farm

Published 9th June 2022
New Zealand

Dairy farmer Jason Tootell spent six months looking for the perfect feeder for his 130-hectare New Zealand farm. He decided to invest in the Hustler Combi CM116 his local dealer presented it to him as a sensible option and realised that the machine “just does everything.” His previous feedout wagon had a link chain that often “stretched and had issues,” but the roller chain of the Combi CM116 is “fantastic” according to Jason, who also loves his Combi for the low maintenance and ease of use. Watch the video below to find out more about Jason’s complete review of his “one-stop-shop” Hustler Combi.¬†

Jason Tottell’s farm is located in Kairanga, not far from Palmerston North, a city in the¬†North Island¬†of¬†New Zealand¬†and the seat of the¬†ManawatŇę-Whanganui region. The farm supports 400 dairy cows on the 130-hectare milking platform.¬†

The Hustler Combi CM116 multi-feeder arrived on Jason’s farm about six months ago, joining other Hustler pieces of equipment – a set of Softhands bale handlers and an older mounted Chainless bale feeder. “I spent about six months looking through what I was going to purchase,” Jason detailed.

Before purchasing the Combi from Mech Agriculture, Jason owned a link chain wagon and the chain was “always stretched and had issues” while the roller chain that equipped the Combi “is fantastic,” he explained. “One of the great features I like about the Combi wagon is the roller chain it has.”


“The roller chain is fantastic”


The tough twin 12,000lb roller chain with bisalloy sprockets of the Combi CM range is built to handle the heaviest loads with ease. The chains can be adjusted with easy-to-access tensioners, increasing the lifespan of the machine and guaranteeing simple maintenance.

The Combi CM range is able to feed all types, shapes and sizes of bales including straw, hay and baled silage, fine chop silage, maize silage, root crops and literally any type of feed you can lay your hands on. The unique elevator design delivers feed out of the side of the machine allowing you to feed into troughs, feed-pads, bunks or open pasture without spillage.

“I can feed out everything with it. Not using multiple tractors not using multiple vehicles, having more machines to grease and repair and maintain. We feed out maize, baleage, silage, palm kernel – it’ll just feed out effortlessly,” Jason explained.


“It just does everything”


Indeed, everything has been designed to make life easier for farmers. “All the grease nipples, you just walk around and grease the whole thing. You’re not crawling underneath it to do the axles or the hubs or anything along those lines,” Jason said. The Central greasing now comes standard on Combi CM, which was not the case on the previous Comby models.¬†

“Underneath the panel at the front has all the control valves for making adjustments,” Jason continued.¬†


“It’s built so well”


For Jason, the axles are “just a step above everything else I’ve ever seen on the market.” Hustler‚Äôs tandem axles are built extremely strong with over 2,000 centimeters squared of pivot pin surface area and 100-millimeter diameter pins. These are the strongest axles on the market and can hold up to 17 tonnes. Also, these axles have 15 degrees of oscillation, which is another industry best. The pin is also bolted on the outsides and fastened on the inside, so they can’t float out of the housing for extra safety.¬†

The Combi range also embarks optional 2 or 4-wheel hydraulic brakes, ideal for rough country or hilly terrains. 

When you get clumps of feed coming over you can pause it so it falls evenly and you can unpause it and it carries on.


“Other farmers have asked me about why I decided to buy the Combi wagon, and I just tell them it does everything”



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