New Zealand deer farmer chose a Hustler Applic8r boom sprayer to increase the quality and yield of his pastures

Published 15th June 2022
New Zealand

Deer farmer Justin Stevens is a big fan of his new Hustler Applicr8r LX890 boom sprayer. “It’s built very, very strongly. It just handles so well,” he says of it. As the Applic8r sprayer range is entirely customisable to his needs, Justin was able to get the perfect setup for his operation. Watch his video testimonial to discover how and why he chose Hustler boom sprayer. 


Justin Stevens is specialised in deer farming and based in Seddon, a small town in the Marlborough region of New Zealand. His 180-hectare farm (445 acres) is the home of about 700 deer, including 300 velveting stags. An additional 12 hectares (30 acres) of the farm are dedicated to grapes as the area is well-known for high-quality wine production. 

Large-scale commercial farming of deer started only recently in New Zealand (in the early 1970s) but grew rapidly to become the world’s largest farm-raised venison supplier. Beyond venison meat, velvet represents an additional business opportunity, today well established with strong animal well-being standards.  It is estimated that New Zealand farms around one million deer on around 2,000 farms and the sector contributes around $275M towards the country’s export receipts.

As early antler growth (velvet antler) is crucial for achieving the best quality, it is important to make sure that the animals feed on high-quality pastures. Poor feeding of stags in early life or during the antler-growing period can decrease velvet production by 10–20%. As a result, Justin needs to be caring for his pastures and decided to invest in a Hustler Applic8r boom sprayer


“It’s built very, very strongly”


Justin knew already the Hustler brand through different products he purchased in the past, a Hustler Toplink Ram and a Hustler Swifthitch drawbar quick hitch he “had for many years and it’s never let us down,” he said.

The Hustler Applic8r boom sprayer range is completely customisable according to the operator’s needs. “You’re able to mix and match what you do and don’t want, with the build. You know you can go to a wider boom, you can have a hydraulic boom,” Justin explained.

Justin chose the Applic8r LX890 which includes an 890-L tank and he added an 8-m manual-folding DuraBoom™ with three-section electric in-cab controls, a foam marker system and the QuickFlush™ Tank Drain.


“It just handles so well”


Further in the video, Justin details the configuration he has chosen and why. 

Justin wanted a compact boom to be able to reach the smallest sections of his paddocks as he is farming on rough country. “It’s got a very solid boom, the nozzles are fully protected with that boom,” he said, and “it’s built very, very strongly.” The DuraBoom™ is known to be the New Zealand’s toughest manual folding boom with stainless steel nozzle lines that create breakaway protection, TaperLock™ pivot pins that eliminate chances of wear and anti-drip nozzle bodies, with air induction tips.

Of course, the nozzles can be changed depending on the type of application (herbicide, fertiliser…) and a handy nozzle chart is permanently moulded into the polymer of the tank for quick and easy reference, displaying L/Ha and G/Ac. 


“The setup in the cab is so easy”


Justin particularly likes the fact that “the setup in the cab is so easy” to operate. With the three-section electric-cab control system he has chosen, “when we’re getting down to the smaller parts of the paddock, we can save on chemical, saving on dollars,” he detailed. “While we’re moving, I can increase or decrease the pressure.”

Thanks to Hustler’s unique SlickFit™ system, Justin will be able to swap controls from the controls right through to the full ISO GPS control system with automatic section controls if needed in the future, without changing the whole unit.

A generous sump size is all part of the design so that the operator can spray on steep terrain without sucking air and leaving missed patches and empty the entire tank even when operating on the steepest terrains. The pump is also rear-mounted and offsets, offering enough space for PTO shaft connection without needing to cut or lengthen it.

As Justin is not using a GPS guidance system, he equipped his Applic8r sprayer with a double foam marker kit, factory fitted with a protective cover, 20-litre tank and in-cab control. From the cab of the tractor, he “ca either have these on or off,” he said.

Health & Safety on the farm is also a major concern for Justin, especially when operating on rollings hills. The Hustler Applic8r sprayer range is ideal for all types of terrain. “It’s got a low tank, so a low centre of gravity,” Justin said.


“It’s a fantastic unit, its value for money”


As with all its products, Hustler focuses on customer service. “The great thing about the Hustler is that it’s backed up by service and support all the way through.”

Overall, Justin is very happy with his Applic8r boom sprayer. “I’d highly recommend it and the great thing is that it’s made in New Zealand,” he concluded. 


All in all, the Hustler linkage boom sprayer range Applic8r – with the industry’s best warranty, unique best-in-class agitation and mixing, toughest design on the market, user-friendly low profile – is simply one of the best compact mounted boom sprayers on the market today.

Customise your Applic8r online and contact us today, you’ll be glad you did!


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