Hustler products command higher resale values

Published 13th July 2016
New Zealand

Reselling used farm equipment might be a bit trickier than what it seems to be. It’s harder to tell nowadays how much anything is worth because people have the propensity to streamline everything for how it looks –from the outside.

Once your farming equipment leaves the dealer’s lot, generally its resale value starts to decrease. There are some few key factors that determine the resale value of your equipment and they are the following:

  1. Age – The older it gets, the more tendency to decrease the value
  2. Use – Either you’ve been using it too much or not utilizing its usage is also a factor.
  3. Condition – The aesthetic is also a major contributing factor to the resale value of the equipment. Visually body damage can easily be determined, signs of wear or mechanical operation and even accident history are a little more difficult. If there are either or both wear and damages most likely the value will drop rather quickly.
  4. Location – Take into consideration the extra fees that might come with the resale value of equipment such as transport, fuel, travel for transferring if it came from a farther location.


Typically Hustler products command 20-30% high resale prices than competing brands


Tip: Purchasing a used machine from a local dealer reduces the risk and presents options such as an optional warranty for extra peace of mind.

Hustler Equipment is well-known for its high resale value anywhere in the world. Every product’s quality is tested and proven. Let’s talk about toughness; our feed-bars are 4 to 5 times stronger than the nearest competitor. So you don’t have to worry about wearing out your equipment over the years and did we forget to mention its low maintenance? You save both time and grease with our unique design that uses longer lasting bearings. 

You know why low maintenance is a key to Hustler’s higher resale values? Most dealers say “Unless you are really mechanically inclined, buy the one with fewest moving parts because you’ll have less to worry about and it probably has the most life left in it.”

Low-hour second-hand equipment that is in good condition is currently in high demand and short supply, making it an ideal time to upgrade to the latest model.

Watch the video below to see what dealers have to say about Hustler Equipment



Market condition sets the resale price at the point where supply and demand meets. For instance, during the winter (or cold) season; there will be a higher demand for farming equipment that eliminates unrolling bales by hand. Do you know that Hustler’s Chainless X5000 is the only bale feeder in the market that can feed frozen bales with its quick release Hypaflow wiper that allows the operator to feed without the need to remove the netwrap? Awesome!

Location wise – worry not! Hustler has accredited dealers across the Globe.

Your investment won’t go to waste and you’ll still get a better return on investment even after you have used your Hustler product to its maximum capability.

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