Compact Loader Simplified Feeding Balage to Cattle in Barns

Published 11th June 2018

Compact loaders are the all the rave for feeding cattle indoors, especially when coupled with Hustler’s SL360X round bale, balage processor, ask Elmar Stuff why!

Before investing in the Hustler feeder, feeding balage to his 30-40 young cows was a mission, requiring him to break down the bales as much as possible with the bale spear on the loader, then needing to use a pitchfork to push the forage evenly up to the head bails so all the cattle could feed. Because he had to manhandle the bales, he chose to run all the knives in his baler when making his baled silage.

When Elmar Stuff, became sick of all the heavy labour of his previous feeding methodology more than 12 months ago he turned to his local feeding equipment dealer, Walker-Technik to inquire about Hustler’s new SL360X bale unroller.



Hustler’s new SL360X is the only round bale unroller on the market designed specifically to be mounted on compact loader and tractors and doesn’t require a rope of addition hydraulic function to disconnect the loading spear from the feeding chamber, the meaning is more accessible to operate and connects to any loader without the need for modifications.

Having owned his SL360X Bale feeder now for over a year and this is what he was rapt with, its performance, design strength and the time and back strain it has saved him.


Benefits of using a compact loader:

  • Better manoeuvrability – compact loaders is a dream for manoeuvring inside barns, and have massive capacity for handling a bale feeder and heavy balage bales. Being pivot steer allows for tighter turning and easier access to barns.
  • Side shift – once again being pivot steer provides to the turn of the steering wheel to side shift the feed closer to the bails, so the cattle have better feed access.
  • Bale Handling – Because Hustler mounted Feeders have built-in loading spears, Farmer Joe can leave these on the loader and use them for general bale handling needs on his farm.
  • High lift – Being on a loader the feeder can be lifted above the head bails for extra clearance if or when needed and can be used for dispensing straw bales into the pens for bedding.



“I’m very happy with the bale feeder,

I use the machine everyday. For my farm

this is the perfect solution”


“I chose the Hustler because it’s very strong, and it makes my job easier and better every day”. He’s also impressed by the idea of 2 piece design with tynes as it has displayed numerous benefits, one is that he can use it to not only pick up the SL360X machine and feed out but when needing to pick up bales on the farm and move them around as and when he needs, and the auto connection system.

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