Feeding Cattle at 77 Years Old – No Problem with a Hustler Bale Unroller

Published 10th July 2020

Bob Boyce from Ponderosa Ranch in Pennsylvania, USA is proud to be running his cow and calf operation at 77 years old, since 1986. 

With the help of a Hustler Chainless mounted bale unroller he can still easily feed his cattle from the comfort of his tractor seat, without having to jump in and out of the cab frequently or pulling a rope to disconnect the feeder. 


“There are only two flat spots on this farm: the bed and the table” Bob jokes. Rolling hill country can be hard to navigate, especially in winter. The Hustler Chainless bale unrollers are compact, light and safe for hilly terrain, which will guarantee operation wherever your tractor goes. 

The couple from Ponderosa Ranch bought their first Hustler 15 years ago and have recently decided to equip a second tractor with a Hustler Chainless bale feeder, as their property has become more spread out. 


“A good and strong product”

Bob especially appreciates the ease of use of the machine, the compact size, which makes it easy to get through gates and the easy loading process with integrated tynes. The Hustler Chainless mounted bale unroller is perfect for a one-man-operation and for Bob it means that at 77, he can still feed all of his cattle from the comfort of his tractor seat.  About Hustler Equipment, Bob says “from a company point of view they’re easy to work with” and we are pleased that Bob thinks the bale feeders are a good and strong product. 

Another unbeatable feature of our Chainless bale unrollers is the patented auto connection system Snaplox, which makes loading and connecting the bale feeder easy. 

12 Advantages of the Snaplox Hand-Free Connection System:

  1. No need to pull on a rope, whilst simultaneously juggling the 3 point linkage lift height and reverser
  2. No more strain or twisting of your back
  3. No hydraulics
  4. No need to pull on a hydraulic lever to disconnect
  5. No need to remember to reset a hydraulic lever to enable it to lock again
  6. No wasted time plugging in extra hydraulic remotes
  7. No need to wait for hydraulics when disconnecting
  8. No smashed rear windows
  9. No accidental disconnection
  10. No twisting of the frame
  11. Works on front-end-loaders opening up a huge efficiency and versatility advantage
  12. Just simple reliable, a mechanical action that is seamless and fool-proof and operates naturally


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