Jeremy Smith is Rebaling hay with a Hustler XR1500 and Saving 40%!

Published 2nd May 2016
United States

The secret behind Hustler’s success is how it has set itself apart from the rest by listening to customer’s feedback, incorporating innovative features, and setting the industry benchmark. As a result, its products continue to have exceptional features designed and built to make farming life efficient, convenient and enjoyable. 

One of our many satisfied customers, Jeremy Smith from Kentucky, has been rebaling using the Chainless XR1500. He rebales and resales about 10,000 square bales per year.


Without the help of Hustler, Jeremy utilized three guys to operate tractors and two guys deployed on field. But with his XR1500, he was able to cut down a third of his daily fuel usage while only utlizing two laborers

Aside from that, Jeremy can still operate even if the weather is bad. He does rebaling inside the barn with his XR1500.   

Watch the full video of his inspiring testimonial below and find out why he claims his HUSTLER IS A GOOD INVESTMENT:

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