Walker-Technik, Germany are rapt with the all new SL360X

Published 1st June 2016

Hustler Accredited Dealer, Walker-Technik of Schwieberdingen in Germany are rapt with the all new SL360X, having previously needed to manufacture a loading bracket mounting frame for most SL350’s they’ve sold in the past as shown in the pictures below.  Hustler, quick to listen to the market, introduced the SL360X


Hustler’s tradition of listening to customers, meant for Walker-Technik:

  1. The new design came loader-ready – allowing the brackets to be bolted directly to the headstock eliminating this extra cost! And…
  2. Hustler’s Rethinking eliminated the need for a rope, with the all-new patented Snaplox auto connection system – so the new model is operator friendly when used on a front loader.

Take a look at this video of the all new SL360X feeder