SL350 and Weidemann loader Combo the perfect solution for this French Farmer

Published 19th February 2017

For Denis Kremer, a Charolais beef cattle breeder, farming near the Moselle river in France, having done all the work himself, hoping that one day his son will be interested in joining him on the farm, he was in need of a more effective cattle feeding solution than pushing bales out by hand…

Although Denis is feeding just 90 cows, he suffers from joint problems from years of pushing bales out with his loader then spreading them by hand, and he needed to make the job easier and wanted to utilise his pivot-steer Weidemann loader because of its manoeuvrability in tight barns. 

Because of the size of his Weidemann, special requirements needed to be met to fulfil Denis’ needs, such as a low tare weight, integrated loader mounting brackets, compact in size and because he didn’t want to have to use his other tractor to load it, the feeder needed to be self-loading


“It suits perfectly. It was exactly what I

 was looking for as a machine.”


After searching his local dealers for a solution, and finding nothing that fitted the bill, he turned to Hustler. At the time the brand was unknown in his area, so Denis took a demonstration of the Hustler SL350 on his Weidemann, which proved the SL350 to be the perfect solution! “After some tests, it was conclusive to me. I did keep it”


7 Months later we visited Denis to see what he has to say of his SL350

The SL350 has performed flawlessly for him over the first season, having fed out more than 700 bales in that time! Denis likes the fact that it’s easy and there’s very little to maintain, and with the Weidemann/SL350 combo he can enter his old building that would be impossible with a standard tractor, and is now saving him almost an hour everyday and above all, eliminates the strain on his body and joints. 



“I’ve had to do nothing to the machine.

Absolutely nothing!”


The pain on his joints and back is relieved, it’s now a single person job and when it happens that he needs to leave the farm, “my 17 year-old son can feed out 400kg bales of hay”.

Watch the video to see more