Why did this 2,300 Cow dairy farm choose a centre feed Silage Wagon?

Published 10th August 2017
New Zealand

Neil Molina from Geraldine, New Zealand needed to save time on his busy dairy farming operation, with feeding cattle consuming a fair bit of his day, take a look at what he discovered… 

Neil is share-milking on 630 hectares in the Geraldine area, milking 2,300 cows on 3 platforms and runs a pretty tight pasture based operation. Neil discovered that one of the easiest ways to free up his time was to increase the size of his feedout wagon, having run Robertson silage wagons for years with very little hassle the choice was logical and about a month ago Neil took delivery of his new Hustler CF1750, a 17.5 cubic metre forage wagon. 


Why did he choose Centre Feed

Neil does all his feeding out in the pastures, and doesn’t have any troughs or feedpads, so it was a wise choice to consider the centre feed option. 

Lower maintenance

With no cross conveyor, there’s less daily greasing, less adjustments required and no worry about slipping belts, fewer components to wear out or need replacing over time, less hydraulics, just a simple robust feedout wagon.

Less cost

With the savings from the lower investment cost of the wagon, meant for Neil that he could spend that money on an easier to use wireless scale system so he can better measure and manage his feed budgets.


Take a look at Neil’s CF1750 in action

Neil is pleased with the performance of his new CF1750 and the time it’s saved him with the increased capacity meaning less loads each day and finds that by layering Causmag in the load whilst loading up he’s getting a very consistent blend throughout the windrow and less blown away in the wind.


Side or Centre Feed

Hustler build both side feed and centre feed forage wagons from 12-20 cubic metre capacity with the centre feed models being built to order. For most types of silage when you’re feeding in the pasture, a centre feed silage wagon is more than adequate. For longer chopped clump grass silage, or for feeding into troughs or a feed pad a side feed model is a good all-rounder. 


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