Canada’s Finest Horse Boarding Facility Invests in Hustler Rebaler

Published 13th August 2017

Find out why one of the finest Horse Boarding Facilities in Canada recently invested in Hustler’s Chainless XR1500 rebaler… 

The well known Ash-Bren Equine Ltd horse boarding facility is located in Edmonton, Alberta with riding and boarding facilities that are among the finest and they take amazing care of horses and their humans. 


Ash-Bren Equine uses approx. 600 small square bales/month and had been finding it difficult to find producers of small square bales with the quality of hay they required for the top quality horses they board. While looking around for different options, Dawn Johnston, manager of the facility, came across Hustler’s Chainless XR1500 rebaler. Dawn requested a demonstration from Arrow Equipment, an Accedited Hustler Dealer located in SK, Canada, and the XR1500 re-baler proved to be the ideal solution they were looking for, which resulted the unit being installed at the facility. 


Since purchasing the Hustler XR1500 re-baler, Ash-Bren Equine can purchase round bales, which are readily available, and convert them into small squares. Most importantly this has increased their flexibility on types of hay they can purchase to ensure the top quality horses they are boarding are getting the best feed possible. The Chainless XR1500 has also enabled them to lower their cost for hay significantly because with round bales there’s a wider variety of forages choices, which allows them to shop around for the quality they demand. 


Chainless XR1500

Hustler’s newly designed Chainless XR1500 is the simplest and most cost effective solution for breaking down large round bales ready for re-baling into small (conventional) square bales.

The low speed hydraulic drive simply tears apart the large round bales directly into a small square baler converting large bales into 10-15 small square bales in no more than 2 minutes without chopping or destroying the highly nutritional leaves in the bale. 


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