No More Feed Limitations For This Organic Spring Block Calving Operation

Published 31st July 2020

We are greeted by Adam Atkinson from Caulston Farms, an organic spring block calving operation in South Devon, UK. They have owned the new Hustler Combi CM136 since April this year and for them it means perfectly simple feeding with no limitations on feed type production and delivery. 


Caulston Farm in South Devon, UK runs 600 cows organically that are grazed for 10 months of the year. The Hustler Combi CM136 has taken a lot of limitations away by being a low maintenance, robust and a 100% versatile feedout wagon. 

No Restrictions  

Adam feeds whatever he can put through the CM136 may it be clamp silage, whole crop silage, bales, hay, straw or fodder beet. This doesn’t only mean a variety of feed and nutrition available for the 600 cows, but it also means there are no restrictions on what feed they have on hand and this gives them the freedom to act economically and grow their crops according to the herd’s needs. ” If we had a season with paddocks to close up, we can make bales. Or we can make clamp silage or grow fodder beet.”¬†And feed it all out with one single machine.¬†


Perfectly Simple Feeding

Previous feedout wagons imposed a lot of restrictions on the operation as they never fed out well all feed types. The last wagon didn’t handle bales very well, so they tried to refrain from making and feeding bales. Which in terms of effective, sustainable and efficient farming is not hitting the mark.¬†


The Combi CM136 is a one-tractor, one-operator machine. Easy hitch- on, no PTOs. “Just hook up and go”, as per Adam. Fed out can be anywhere, as it doesn’t slide around in the paddocks and it turns tight into all gateways. Feeding into troughs, over fences, onto pads and in the paddock is no issue. “Everything we got from Hustler is well built and simple and we won’t have to replace it for a very long time”¬†


To find out how a Hustler Combi wagon can increase the efficiency and profitability of your operation, get in touch with your local Field Consultant. 



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