Agitation is like a jetboat inside the Hustler Sprayer Tank!

Published 11th December 2017
New Zealand

LeaderBrand, a large produce grower located in Gisborne, invested in Hustler’s sprayer a few years ago for the smaller jobs. We met up with Jordon Watts to find out how it has performed covering nearly 3,000 hectares each year. 

Founded in 1975 by Murray McPhail, LeaderBrand is one of New Zealand’s most recognised and diverse horticultural businesses, located in Gisborne and Canterbury, growing approximately 3,500ha of fresh produce each year for process, for domestic and international customers. LeaderBrand employ 200 permanent staff, with an additional 300 seasonal staff through the summer harvest period.

Jordon Watts runs one of the Hustler sprayers on LeaderBrand farms, and having covered close on 6,000 hectares to date he’s rapt with its performance so far.

So what’s so good?

Jordon loves the fact that it’s quick, simple and easy to operate, and allows him to chop-n-change between sprays and crops easily, and the flexibility of being able to bump up or down rates on the fly as the crop demands gives better results. 


“The clean down time is 15 minutes rather 

than an hour with our competitor sprayers”


Quality of the produce is of all importance when producing high value crops like LeaderBrand, hence the attention to detail when spraying. Jordon is pleased with the application quality of the Hustler boom sprayer, and believes it’s a key reason they’re able to keep up with the spray rotation whilst maintaining the product quality saying “if it wasn’t for this rig, then we wouldn’t have everything up to scratch with the quality we manage to produce”

See what Jordon has to say about the Katipo sprayer:


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