Chainless 2000 Bale Feeder Ideal for Extreme Climate on Northern Scotland Isles

Published 8th December 2017
United Kingdom

Richard Shearer is a beef cattle farmer on the Orkney Isle, near Kirkland in the far North of Scotland. Located at 59 degrees North the climate has vicious extremes, both cold and windy, a reason why his cattle are housed indoors during the winter…


The Problem

Prior to investing in the Chainless 2000 round and square bale feeder, Richard used a bale splitter to break apart his round silage bales. The process was labour intensive, left a mess in his shed and was difficult for his cattle to reach the forage through their head bails. To solve this problem Richard used a snow plow on his quad bike to push the forage up close enough to the head bails so the cattle could feed, adding further labour and wear-n-tear on his quad. 

The old method requiring feed to be pushed up to the cattle numerous times a day

Richard shearer - before chainless 2000.jpg

The solution

Having seen the Hustler bale feeders on other farms in the area, Richard decided to take a demonstration of the Chainless 2000 bale feeder. The demo was successful and Richard is rapt with the time it’s saving him and these advantages:

  • Feed can be bulked up high in front of the headbail, eliminating the need to come back and push up the forage as it is consumed 
  • There is now no mess in the shed, just a tidy windrow of silage
  • The cattle can reach their feed
  • It’s saving him a huge amount of time
  • Reduced wear-n-tear on his equipment, and he’s now not having to shake bales apart with his front loader
  • He has the flexibility to feed either round or square bales, if rounds aren’t available
  • The silent design isn’t spooking his cattle during feed out

The results after using his new Hustler bale feeder

Richard shearer - with chainless 2000.jpg

Watch Richard feeding his cattle


Richard is mostly feeding round bales, but having the flexibility for him means he’ll never get stuck feeding his cattle, no matter what bales are available. 

Richard shearer - bales.jpg