Watch this Amazing NEW Bale Feeder just Released by Hustler

Published 8th January 2018
New Zealand

With over 17 years of Hustler DNA injected into our cutting edge new family of Chainless X Series bale feeders you’ll be amazed at how much time this new feeder will save you!

Time savings like never before!

Feeding over fence lines is a real game changer!  It saves you time and effort, reduces feed waste due to trampling and you won’t need to get out of the tractor 4 times just to open and shut gates!  And you won’t need to worry about that crazy bull anymore.

Feed any bale. Every bale. 

Yes the original Chainless design struggled with some soggy, fine cut balage. Chainless X Series makes it easy to feed the tightest of high density bales, even frozen bales that won’t feed out in a chain type bale unroller, and the ugliest of badly mis-shapen wet silage bales without plugging. 

We challenge you to find a bale our new X Series Chainless design can’t feed out! See what Scott Clearwater has to say about the difference it has made for him. 

Chainless feeds every bale.jpg

Watch the new Chainless 2000 & Chainless X2400 in action


No need to tug on a rope anymore

The Chainless X2400 features our patented Snaplox connection system, eliminating the crazy old way requiring the operator to pull on a rope to disconnect the feeder from the loading spears. Snaplox is a no-brainer, it’s full-proof, and once you’ve had a taste you’ll never revert to the clumsy old method. Watch it here

Multi-purpose bale feeder

Chainless X2000 and X2400 take the place of an ordinary round bale unroller, a square bale processor, a trough/bunk feeder, and a tub grinder and it delivers you a bigger bottom line with less hassle. 


“Absolutely love the new feeder, my wife

wanted to weld it to the tractor!”