How has this 10,000 acre prestigious Estate in UK reduced its hay waste to nil

Published 3rd May 2019
United Kingdom
See why this 10,000-acre prestigious Estate in Sledmere with roughly 1145 livestock, has chosen a Hustler to help feed their livestock and reduce hay waste.
Early in the morning on the 13th March Hustler Equipment visited the Sledmere farm estate and met James Fenwick, Sledmere Estates Farm manager.
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An engaging and enthusiastic man with a passion for his work. With a focus on efficiency. He introduced us to his right hand man Luke who is a intricate part of the Team.
Sledmere Estate is an extremely prestigious Estate steeped in history dating back to 1780 Established by the Sykes family, exuding class and character with an inviting and friendly community atmosphere. This large estate has many houses on it built for the employees, which are mostly painted in red.
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An estate of 10,000 acres with a lot of animals to feed, 200 Fattening deer, 220 Red deer, 100 head of Sucklers, 90 head of Fat cattle and 535 breeding ewes. It is no wonder James needed a efficient and reliable machine to do the hard work. They are the proud owners of a Hustler SL350 since 2016, James states every bale fed out on the estate goes through the Hustler!
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“Machinery must be easy to use , if they don’t want or like it they wont look after it, the Hustler is very much liked and used!”



Some of the reason’s why they bought the Hustler SL350 is because they wanted to be able to feed fresh fodder to the animals and they use the Hustler to feed into hay rings for the deer. Historically the full bale was dropped into a hay ring, it went stale and not all of it was used. Now they use the Hustler and Feed less into two rings instead, this has reduced wastage to almost nil. It also saves them time and labour. Plus no back aching spreading!
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