New Zealand dairy farmer couldn’t be happier about upgrading to a Hustler Combi RX148

Published 6th October 2022
New Zealand

Mark Cleaver has 400 dairy cows on 117 hectares in South Taranaki, New Zealand. Their first Hustler machine is a Hustler Chainless 2000 that they’ve had for 12-to-15 years. Never had any issues with it, but then Mark visited a Fieldays event in Hawera, and while there Jade Sklenars from Power Farming, Taranaki showed Mark the Hustler Combi RX148.


Since Mark had the Chainless 2000 for such a long time and “had no troubles with it”, he already had personal experience with the over all build quality of Hustler machines, so once Jade let Mark demo the Combi, “the rest is history.” They purchased it and Mark “couldn’t be happier.” 


“It’s built like a tank”


What he likes most about it is the way, “you can throw the big squares, long with other straw and hay and then throw your supplement on top. It just works brilliantly with not blockages, no time wasting swapping implements over.” And how about the build quality? “It’s built like a tank really,” says Mark. “They’re made to last and I can’t see us having an issue with it.”


Hustler Combi RX148 feed wagon

Giving farmers that level of feedout versatility was the entire reason behind the creation of the Combi RX feed wagon range, to allow farmers to feed out anything they wanted from large square bales to fodder beat to silage. And that’s exactly what it provides: the ability to feed out anything you can get your hands on, efficiently and easily. So whether you’re feeding square bales with round bales, straw, hay, bale silage, fine chopped silage, maize silage, root crops or all of it together – the unique elevator design on the Combi RX wagon allows you to feed it all – wherever you’d like! You can feed into troughs, feed-pads or bunks – or even directly onto your pasture to help re-seed your fields and keep soil compaction to an absolute minimum. A Combi RX feed wagon can do it all with incredible ease.

In fact, when Mark’s neighbors found out he got a Hustler Combi RX wagon, they got him helping on their farms. Mark’s “even done a few jobs feeding fodder beet out for some neighbours.” 


CombiRX148 feedout web


“… couldn’t be happier”


So with the versatility, build quality, ease-of-use & labour saved, is Mark satisfied with his purchase? He replies, “… couldn’t be happier.”



Do you want to know more about Hustler’s feedout wagon range? Contact us today, you’ll be glad you did!


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