Tasmanian farmer switched from hay rings to Hustler bale feeder to minimise mess and waste

Published 21st October 2021

Grant Barnes describes himself as a “hobby farmer” – still running 70 heads of cattle – and recently bought a Hustler mounted Unrolla LM105 bale feeder to stop using hay rings/feeders that create a lot of mess in his paddocks. Watch the video to find out more about Grant’s journey!


Grant farms in Barrington, in the North West region of Tasmania, Australia. Tasmania might be known for its orchards but the reality is that the most common farm in the island state is beef or sheep and beef grazing. Australian cattle are virtually all bred and grown on pasture. His farm consists of 75 acres (about 30 hectares), home of 70 heads of cattle.

One of Grant’s concerns was the mess created by his cattle when grazing from a hay ring or a hay feeder. 



In Australia like in other parts of the world, hay rings are a popular choice and are widely available feeders in the market backed by the usual perception that hay rings save time because you only have to fill them every few days. However, Grant realised that hay rings have also some downsides despite being an affordable option. When hay prices are high and supplies are tight, maximising hay feeding efficiency becomes quickly a major priority! 


“Everyone sort of said Hustler was the best one to buy”


Grant decided to mechanise his operation with the purchase of a bale feeder that would allow him to feed out the hay in a long windrow and just the right amount of feed. Grant sought advice from neighbours and farmers on what equipment he should buy, and “everyone sort of said Hustler was the best one to buy,” he explained. Grant still wanted to compare the machines for himself, so he made his final choice when he went to Agfest, a local rural show where he found that “the Hustler stood out by far”.



“I compared this machine to about three or four different brands up there, and this one stood out by the size of the material, the heavier weight quality of the machine compared to what the other machines,” Grant said.


“I would recommend Hustler, they’re good quality machines and everything works very well with them”


Today, Grant uses his “Hustler machine to feed directly into the paddock.” For him, “the main benefit of this machine is the mess, it does not make a mess.” Previously, when Grant was using hay feeders or hay ring feeders, “the cattle used to make big bog holes and yep, this machine just pleases it out, the cattle just walk along and eat it without making a mess.”


Are you struggling with your current feeding equipment? Interested in a Hustler bale feeder? Contact us today, you’ll be glad you did!

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