Joyclas Farms Switched to a Hustler SF1250 Silage Wagon

Published 2nd March 2018
New Zealand

Find out why Shawn Boyer from Joyclas Farms switched to the Hustler Silage Wagon, for feeding his 300 dairy cows grass and maize silage.

When Shawn took delivery of his new Hustler SF1250 silage wagon in December last year, he put it straight to work everyday to keep his dairy herd well fed during the dry period over summer. When we caught up with him at the end of Janurary to see how it was going, and he’d already fed out around 250 tons of silage and is rapt with it. 

Why did Shaun switch to the Hustler SF1250?

Shawn likes a good brand, being a Hustler fan he was rapt to see Hustler’s new silage wagonand wanted to be one of the first in the area to own one. He’s also impressed with the build quality of Hustler equipment, the little extras that come as standard equipment, and the ease of use and maintenance of the design.


“The build quality on it is pretty incredible,

I totally recommend it, it’s an excellent machine” 


With 12.5 cubic metre capacity the SF1250 side feed silage wagon handles good sized loads and is quite a compact little wagon for its size making for easier manoeuvrability in tight lanes. The single piece body design gives loads more ground clearance and strength, isn’t prone to fatigue cracking and there are no riveted panels that pop apart.

Watch the video to see what Shaun has to say