Time is Precious. This Irish Farmer Discovers Innovative Time Saver

Published 2nd March 2018

You cannot buy time. But it can be saved. Feeding bales in Ireland come’s with its own unique set of challenges. We meet Michael Lough to find out about his farm, and how he’s making better use of his time easing his workload…

Watch the video to see what Mike has to say


Mike feeds around 250 round bales of silage each year, to both sheep and cattle, and recently invested in Hustler’s all-new SL360X bale unroller to ease a backache from forking silage manually.


“the machine has saved me a lot of aches and pains”


Unique Challenges

It’s a common known fact that bales in Ireland are generally baled much wetter than any other area in the world. Creating all sorts of challenges, both when making balage and feeding it out. On top of that, round bales are typically stored on their rounds, causing them to misshapen badly when stored for long periods prior to feeding out. 

Fitted to Mike’s SL360X are the optional free rolling side bars, which hold the bale in the cradle of the bale feeder no matter how badly misshapen the bales are and is very happy with its performance. 

Mike Lough (5).jpg

Why did Mike choose a Hustler? 

Being able to put fresh silage in front of the cattle makes life easier for him and his cattle love it. Mike fell in love with the Snaplox auto-connection system on the Hustler SL360X round bale unroller which makes it easier to use and provides a more robust connection between the headstock and the feeding cradle holding the machine better. Mike is also impressed with the quality and strength of the design.

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