How long should feeding your cattle take?

Published 7th May 2018
New Zealand

David King from Carew, Mid-Canterbury, a dairy support and cropping farmer, doesn’t have enough time on his hands to be mucking around. Take a look at this video to see how he feeds his cattle

David farms in 630ha near Kurrow and has been thrilled with the upgrade from his faithful old Chainless 4000 which had served many years.  On a dairy farm with lots of Heifers all around the summer and also cows in the winter which need to be feed a nutritious diet. Relying on a machine that works well at all times with no problems it’s important. David is really happy with his decision 12 months ago to a new Chainless X5000 round and square bale feeder. 

David King Photo 1

Needing a machine that is simple, where not a lot could go wrong, and needing to feed both square and round bale including shortly chopped balage, the Chainless was definitely the answer… David has found the Chainless X5000 able to feed out any bale and very straightforward and easy to operate from any tractor.

With big snows in the winter, you need to be able to hook your machines on and go for it as efficiently as possible to get all your cows fed David says: “We find the X5000 good for that”


“When feeding out we don’t want to be mucking around. It’s an awesome machine, hasn’t given us any trouble so far and honestly can’t see it giving us problems in the future” 


David is impressed with the nice tight windrow that the Chainless bale feeder lays down, making for the reduction in feed waste, reducing feed trampling and handles all bale type. The build quality is second to none with the improvements over his old machine David rapt with the strength of the design

Watch David’s story





“As far as time efficiency with the X5000, it’s awesome,

it’s quick and is easy, feeds out a nice tight windrow,

Great machine I’m really happy with it!”