See why this dairy farmer replaces silage wagon with mega Comby XL

Published 28th July 2016
New Zealand

This Pleasant Point dairy farmer needed a new feeder wagon for his farm, knowing that he’d be feeding anything from chopped pit-silage to potato waste to square bales and everything in between, he chose the Robertson Mega Comby XL. Why? Read on… 

“After experiencing first hand the frustrations of trying to feed round and square bales in a conventional silage wagon”, he knew he couldn’t put up with it, so he “chose the Mega XL for its ease of use to feed out anything we want to”


“I chose the Mega XL for it’s ease of use,

to feed out anything we want to“.

“We feed corn waste, potato waste, chopped silage and bales, pretty much everything”


Ben runs the largest Comby Feeder in the range – the Mega Comby XL which allows him to feed and reload 13 bales to 1680 cows in just under an hour each morning. With his cows currently break feeding on a crop of fodder-beet, Ben is supplementing their ration with square bales of straw.

Ben remarks that the windrow from feeding squares through a Comby may not look quite as pretty as that of a silage wagon, but without fail it will feed them out and it breaks up the biscuits well which makes it easier for cattle to feed on. 

For Ben, it’s no more frustrations and no more blocked or jammed silage wagon. 

Take a look at this video to see the Mega Comby XL in action feeding and loading squares