Shearing legend Sir David Fagan chooses Chainless & Softhands

Published 29th July 2016
New Zealand

For Sir David Fagan, having spent 30 years travelling the world to represent New Zealand in shearing competitions, to bringing home 5 x World Championship wins, 7 x World Team titles, 16 x NZ Golden Shears Championship wins, 17 x NZ Open Championship wins, 6 x World Records (9hr)¬†and a total of 642 open grade wins worldwide, he’s renown as the world’s most successful competition sheep shearer ever… so¬†you can understand why nothing but the best will suffice when it comes to his equipment choice.

David has a longstanding relationship with Hustler products, having owned his first Chainless 2000 for 14-15 years, and after having had such a good run he was quick to upgrade to the new model when the timing was right along with a set of the latest Mega Softhands. Take a look at these videos to see what he has to say about them. 


“I feel that the knighthood is something¬†that

all¬†rural New Zealand¬†can¬†share in”


David is currently running a beef feeder farm in his home town of Te Kuiti, buying in all his supplementary feeds which is made up of a combination of both round and square balage bales, and a total of 550 bales are fed out each year, which is why he opted for the Chainless 2000 and the Mega Softhands.

David’s wife Wendy came from a contracting background¬†in Devon, UK¬†and plays an active role down on the farm,¬†doing all the¬†feeding out work, whilst¬†David is away competing. Wendy loves¬†how simple and easy the Chainless 2000¬†is to use when feeding¬†round and square bales.¬†


So what does he like about the Chainless 2000?

  1. It’s so easy to use that his wife can feed the cattle, allowing him to travel for shearing events and competitions
  2. It allows him to easily feed out both round and square bales, without needing to add bits or any back forwarding
  3. Little to go wrong and virtually no maintenance, which is especially important when he’s away on a trip.¬†

Chainless bale feeders are simply the only true round and square bale feeder found on the market, and feed any type of material be it balage, hay or straw. The unique patented design makes feeding round bale and square bales quick safe and easy. 


“It’s quite simply the best and easiest to use”


Take a look at what he has to say about the Chainless 2000



So what does he like about the Mega Softhands?

  1. Design of the hands allows him to handle both rounds and square without needing to be too fussy about how the bale is held making them easier to use than his previous set. 
  2. Clamping power makes his life easier when handing both round bales or squares. 

Mega Softhands are the proven choice of contractors and large farmers with 2 ton capacity, indestructible design and the ability to handle both wrapped round bales and wrapped square bales. The gentle touch, and 3 position hand adjustment of the Mega Softhands bale squeeze eliminates bale deformation and wrap damage from handling. 


“Just much easier to operate on big round

or big square bales”


Take a look at what he says about the Mega Softhands