Dairy farmers in Chile are rapt with Hustler Bale Feeders

Published 13th May 2018

Recently we met up with some long-term owners of Hustler bale feeders in Chile to see how their machines were performing, along with the on-going in market support we provide for our Master Dealers.

We’re all about building and fostering long-term relationships at Hustler and that’s why we partnered with Ferosor over 8 years and have been giving farmers throughout Chile world-class support and supply of the world’s best livestock feeding solutions.


Meeting up with dairy farmers Christopher and Samuel Spoerer, located near La Comuna Puyehue to see how their 5-year-old Chainless 4000 bale feeder was performing, and to no-surprise going extremely well, they wanted to give us a testimonial about the bale feeder

The Chainless 4000 round and square bale feeder, has fed 12,500 bales so far and has allowed them to comfortably feed up to 15 round silage bales per day with just one operator, a job that used to take 3-4 people all day. 

“It’s very easy to maintain and we only need one operator to

complete the work, This allows us to be very versatile”


They’re impressed with the low maintenance design, only requiring grease to keep it maintained and strength of design has been key, meaning they’ve had no breakdowns to date that has been a fault of the bale feeder.

See what Christopher and Samuel have to say:


This is a real testimony to the design and build quality of Hustler products and to the commitment, they give to the farmer who trusts in the brand. Take a look at the Hustler’s money back guarantee.

Promise CTA_chile

Hustler is committed to both dealers and end-users to make investing in a Hustler as rewarding as the product is to use, shown here a training session for the team at Ferosor. Expanding into Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay Hustler is pleased to have proven it’s worth in bringing more productivity to farmers lives in South America and abroad.



With more than 28 years of tradition, Ferosor is a leading company in southern Chile, recognized at a national and international level for its active participation in the agricultural development in Chile. Their continuous and constant growth has led them to expand their business to incorporate financial solutions, fuels, agricultural hardware, agricultural development, used machinery and now have 6 branches located in Osorno, Loncoche, Los Lagos, Rio Bueno, Purranque, Puerto Varas, Los Muermos.

The passionate team at Ferosor with Hustler territory manager Nigel Holt


Ferosor first started distributing bale feeders and soon became familiar with the quality and benefits the products had to offer and now they’re a full range dealer offering Bale feeders, Bale handlers, Feed out wagons, and Sprayers including the newly released X Series Chainless bale feeders, Swifthitch, and Feed out wagons with their first shipments of the new 2018 Comby feeder wagons arriving soon. 

Another Hustler, shipment of the latest Chainless SL700X’s get unloaded at Ferosor