What have livestock farmers been asking for in a Boom Sprayer that not every brand has?

Published 3rd July 2020
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Roger Cornish from Gippsland, Australia is a Spraying and Agricultural Contractor, who sent us this video about his latest acquisition, a Hustler Katipo 680 Boom Sprayer. 

Durability, Common Sense Engineering, and Value for money are the key benefits according to Roger, who has had great results with his Hustler Katipo mounted boom sprayer. Roger points out that the user-friendly setup and the durability are real advantages for his business.  

From the wash tank to the small compartment for spare nozzles and manuals, he thinks that “You can’t do any better when looking at competitor sprayer brands.” 

Katipo 1150 Mounted boom Sprayer in field

So what are 8 simple but functional time-saving features often overlooked by sprayer manufacturers? 

1. Compact Tank

Climbing onto sprayers with chemicals we think is dangerous, hence we kept the height of the tank low and compact with careful tank /chassis integration, so you can fill up your sprayer from the ground. 

2. Easy to Mount

Our linkage mounts are quick to hook up to the tractor and your sprayer won’t need to be parked on a pile of pallets. 

3. Tank Drain

Just pull the string on top of the tank to drain it. No more climbing underneath the sprayer to empty it, for reduced clean up time and added safety. 


4. Deep Sump 

No more missed patches in steep terrain. The generous sump size will allow you to spray without sucking air. 

5. Toolbox and Wash Tank

The useful integrated toolbox will store away extra nozzles, manuals, and remotes when the sprayer is not in use. Plus an integrated 18 litre water tank will allow you to wash your hands while on the job. 

6. Agitation Flow

The latest CAD flow simulation technique will save you stripey paddocks by creating the perfect mix of fluid throughout the tank. 

7. Protected nozzles

All Hustler booms including Duraboom which Roger has is the toughest, manual-folding boom with fully shielded nozzles, TaperLock pivots, Stainless tubes, and quick-fit anti drip nozzles. Protected nozzle minimizes downtime by protecting the nozzles from impact with the ground when working in undulating terrain

8. Adjustable Valve Mount 

Get it out of harm’s way when the sprayer is parked up in the shed, or adjust it forward for easier reach from the tractor. 


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