Livestock Station Achieves More with Hustler for the Last 30 Years

Published 26th November 2019
New Zealand

We visit Paul Robottom at Pendlehill Station, in Central Hawkes Bay, who has been using Hustler Equipment for the past 30 years…  

Paul’s a busy man running a 1000 hectare station with an impressive 4500 sheep. Around 3500 lambs are finished every year and 350 weaner steers are purchased each autumn to be finished over the next 2 years. On top of that, he’s cropping 25 hectares of Oats for winter and Brassica in summer for fattening the lambs. 

So as you can imagine Paul needs good equipment, that gets the job done efficiently and hassle-free, for which he’s trusted in Hustler equipment to help him achieve more every day over the past 30 years.  

Paul Robottom1


“Our new Chainless LX104 has worked flawlessly, so far.”


Paul Robottom6

“We’ve traded in our old Hustler Chainless 2000 through our local Hustler dealer Stevenson &Taylor in Waipukurau, for the new Chainless LX104 and it has worked flawlessy so far.” 


“The best feature for us, is the auto quick hitch system Snaplox.

Just put the feeder on the ground to unlatch and drive away. “


“We think the hands-down best feature of the Hustler Chainless LX104 is the auto quick hitch system Snaplox.” There is no rope to pull to unlatch the feeder, which means it is gentle on the back. “Just put the feeder on the ground, it unlatches automatically and you can drive away.” 

The time we save with the Hustler Chainless LX104 and its auto hitch system is a great advantage for our operation says Paul. 

“For the last 30 years we have been using Hustler Equipment, whether its bale feeders or Softhands, and I would highly recommend Hustler Equipment to other farmers.”

Watch the video to find out what Paul Robottom has to say about our Hustler bale feeders: