Dairy Goat Farmer Saves 1 Hour Every Day with Hustler Bale Feeder

Published 6th December 2019

Young French dairy goat farmer Paul Besnier bought his first Hustler SL300X (LM105) bale feeder in May this year. This model has been an absolute winner for Paul and now it saves him about an hour every day. Check out our article and video to see what Paul has to say about his new feeder!


Passionate about dairy goats, young French man Paul Besnier started farming two years ago in Brittany where he owns and runs by himself a 260-goat operation.

Paul Besnier farms in the Brittany region, located on the northwestern French peninsula. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea, Brittany benefits from a mild oceanic climate, quite wet all year round. Here, Paul owns and runs all by himself an operation of 260 goats and produces 260,000 litres of milk each year.

Goat farming is not common in Brittany as the area is dominated by dairy cows operations and is the leading French pig-producing region with most of its farming lands dedicated to crops for livestock fodder production.


Of the almost one billion goats in the world, just over one million are raised in France. But with 10% of the European livestock, France produces more than a quarter of the Old Continent’s milk.

Passionate about dairy goats, Paul seized the opportunity two years ago to take over a farm. He feeds out around 300 round wrapped bales of silage each year, along with a few bales of hay.

Before investing in a Hustler bale unroller, Paul was feeding out his livestock by hand, which took him an hour and a half a day.

“Without Hustler, I wouldn’t have been able to do all the work I needed to do if I had to feed my animals by hand all the time.”

Paul was looking for a compact bale feeder without loading arm because his barn is quite low. He chose the Hustler SL300X bale feeder (LM105) for its pint-size and its integrated headstock with tynes allowing Paul to load the bale without having to use another tractor or another piece of equipment.


Paul uses his Hustler bale feeder on a small 65 hp Case IH tractor on it’s three-points linkage.

“This Hustler bale feeder requires very little maintenance
and is really very easy to use.”

Paul is thrilled with his Hustler bale unroller. As he started farming not long ago, Paul is not very well equipped yet. Buying a bale feeder was a priority for him. He wanted to buy new equipment but had a limited investment budget. The Hustler SL300X bale feeder is ideal for this purpose: it is a simple, versatile and handy. “This machine is perfectly capable of doing challenging job as well as a much more sophisticated and much more expensive machine.”

Now, Paul is able to do all the work needing to be done on the farm, without having to come back earlier to feed out to his goats.

“I save about 45 minutes to 1 hour a day with my Hustler bale feeder.”


Compact and lightweight, the Hustler SL300X (LM105) bale feeder is ideal for low and narrow barns. With the ability to feed out to both sides, it is also the perfect choice for dead-end sheds with troughs on either side.

“I highly recommend the Hustler bale feeders because they really save us time.”

The Hustler Unrolla LM105 mounted bale unroller is one of the easiest to use among all other chain feeders on the market today. It’s an ideal starter for young farmers or a great addition to bigger pieces of equipment. This versatile self-loading 3-point linkage mounted feeder is suitable for feeding out most round bales, and any other type of loose silage, maize, fodder-beet and more.

  1. Small yet powerful: Lightweight and compact in size to be operated with small tractors, the Unrolla LM105 also comes with super strong roller chains with the combined strength of 24,000lb and with toughest on the market 40mm x 40mm galvanised bars.
  2. Time and hay saver: With its fully enclosed polyethylene floor and its covered drive shafts which eliminate wrapping, the Unrolla LM105 guarantees you less food & time wasted!
  3. Low maintenance: Just 4 grease nipples, is all it takes to maintain the Unrolla LM105.

And good news for all the farmers out there who are interested in investing in a Hustler Unrolla LM105 bale feeder: this model now comes double-ended as a standard!

Check out what Paul has to say!



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