Saving Feed Cost with a Hustler Combi Feedout Wagon. This Manawatu Dairy Operation Shows How!

Published 21st August 2020
New Zealand

A 290 hectare dairy operation in the Manawatu recently took delivery of their new Combi CM116 feedout wagon. Craig Smith had compared other wagons before making a choice and to him, the low maintenance features of the CM116 signed the deal. Not only is the dairy farm saving money on maintenance cost, but also on feed cost. Read on How. 



Craig Smith welcomes us on his dairy farm in the Manawatu, New Zealand after purchasing a new Hustler Combi CM116 to feed his dairy herd. Craig loves the versatility of the wagon, the ease of use and the low maintenance properties. The operation eventually outgrew their old feedout wagon and it started to cost them too much to run. To avoid this problem with the next wagon, low maintenance was an important criteria for Craig. The Hustler Combi CM116 fit the bill. 

“Buying a Hustler is the best decision I’ve made”

The scales of the Combi CM116 are connected to the feedlink app on Craig’s phone and he can easily check the weight of the load. For Craig this means, he can feed out the exact amount required to his cows for maximum control. Staff members are less likely overfill the wagon and it is easy to split a load. The fact that the wagon doesn’t get overloaded anymore, actually led to a nice amount of savings in feed costs and more efficient feeding. 

“The built is outstanding”

The ability to feed over fences and into bins with the Combi CM116 with no, to few spillage adds to the efficiency and accuracy of the wagon. We at Hustler call our wagons the “feedout-anything-wagons” and that is because they will feed whatever you throw at them. For maximum versatility, lifting any restrictions and providing feed cost responsiveness for your business. 

“I would recommend it to anyone!”

Craig isn’t expecting any issues with his Hustler CM116 feedout wagon: “I’ve had a Hustler bale feeder for about 10 years and never had any problems with it. And I don’t expect any problems with my Combi either. I would recommend it to anyone.”

NOTE: Craig’s machine in the video is a pre-production feedout wagon, hence it didn’t have elevator fans mounted. Elevator flaps come as a standard equipment on all our Combi wagons. The new Hustler Combi wagons have just one set of elevator spillage fans for simplicity. With clever Hustler innovation, we have managed to reduce the number of panels for the required tilt angle, reducing maintenance and eliminating 14 wearing parts from the design!

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