Hustler’s Equaliser Bar for Softhands

Published 24th August 2020
Softhands (Farmers/Contractors)

Host Oli Brunton walks us through some of the features and benefits of the  Equaliser® Bar, which comes standard on the Hustler Softhands LX200, but can also be added as an optional feature to the Softhands LM100.


Welcome back, everyone. Today we’re going to be talking about our Equaliser® Bar. It’s a 16-millimeter thick steel, candy-cane shaped bar that can be fitted under any Hustler Softhands bale handler or bail hugger as an optional upgrade, and what this does is connects both your hands creating a fixed motion moving simultaneously giving you total control and your hands won’t flop around uncontrollably. On the right side here, there’s a slot creating a float, so when you’re coming into a bale off-center, it will automatically self-align and you won’t have to reposition your tractor, and it’s also a patented feature. The float allows you to carefully glide in and out of bales without putting pressure on adjacent bales, all while being completely parallel. Another benefit is that you can slide between bales, open up the hands pushing the bales up against each other packing them nice and tight. This patented, innovative upgrade makes bale handling a breeze for the user. So make sure when you buy your Softhands, you grab an Equalizer® Bar too. I’ll see you in the next video.