Softhands new Patented Floating Equaliser

Published 17th September 2016
Softhands (Farmers/Contractors)

Get all the precision of the proven Equaliser, pioneered by Hustler in the 80’s with a built-in free float release that revolutionizes bale handling.

Only available on Hustler bale handlers or bale clamps:

  • Provides un-paralleled loading/stacking ease of use – back out of bales without moving the adjacent bale, turn whilst backing out of bales allows for use in tighter spaces
  • Keeps the hands moving simultaneously, providing all the precision and safety of a fixed Equaliser bar
  • Full stroke side push – for pushing bales up tighter together
  • Reduced side loads on the front end loader
  • Available on CXR and Compact Softhands

A whole new level of precision bale handling, that’s easier-to-use!