It’s great to see Softhands out in full force everywhere as spring flourishes

Published 28th September 2016
Softhands (Farmers/Contractors)

Not all bale grabs are equal! Hustler offers the widest range of bale handlers on the market, and that’s just one reason why more farmers choose Hustler Softhands® than any other brand, and is proof that nothing beats a Hustler. Why?

The most important design feature you need when handling bales is a design that doesn’t rip your bales.

Whilst that sounds like an obvious statement, not all bale handlers are created equal, and there are very few designs on the market that don’t rip or tear the wrapping on bales!

Yes operator error is a key factor to consider, however at Hustler having founded the Softhands market in New Zealand we learnt this lesson many, many years ago. 

As a result we spend time in the field with Farmers and Contractors to perfect a design that doesn’t rip bales. Softhands also offer – 

  • Unrivalled dexterity
  • Unrivalled versatility 
  • Unrivalled control
  • Toughest on the market
  • 4 Year warranty
  • FREE Shipping
CXR Softhands Compact Softhands Mega Softhands

No bale grab handles round bales better than Hustler’s CXR Softhands!

The latest Softhands® developed, tested and manufactured in New Zealand by Hustler Equipment. Built specifically for New Zealand farmers for round bale handling, the CXR carries Hustler’s 2 year warranty for added peace of mind.

When you’ve got both round or square bales, nothing compares with the Compact Softhands.

For farmers handling thousands of bales a year, Compact Softhands® is a robust, dependable bale handler designed for use with smaller tractors. They will handle virtually any size of round or square bale and feature Hustler’s slim profile adjustable hands. 

When you can’t compromise anything, choose Mega Softhands.

Built for the serious contractor or large scale farmer, the versatile Mega Softhands® handles both round and square bales. Capable of handling hundreds of thousands of bales each year. Bigger, taller hands provide more grip on the bale reducing damage when compared with smaller models.

cxr-featured-image.png csh-featured-image-1.png Mega_Softhands.png


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