The Chainless X5000 in Victoria, Australia

Published 29th September 2016

You have to admit, it’s real good looking windrow of hay.

Got square bales? No problem. With Hustler Chainless X5000 you can load up round or square bales and it will certainly do the job. 

Pat Makin shown here feeding out tight Vetch bales with one of 6 prototype Chainless X5000’s that entered the field in Australia, NZ and USA in 2013. No other feeder on the market feeds these tight vetch bales as good as the new X5000. Customer who’ve traded in their old cradle type chain feeders for the new Chainless X5000 are reporting saving 1 bale/per week! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do the math on that…

Pat Makin, Chainless X5000, Victoria, Australia

About Hustler Chainless X5000

The top of the range trailed Chainless balefeeder, self-loading, suitable for feeding out any bale, round or square, and it maximises feed use. The Chainless X5000 carries 2 bales at a time and is designed for medium to large operations feeding out 800-5000 bales each year.


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