A Worn Towing Eye Can Cost You The Earth!

Published 3rd October 2016
New Zealand

Not only can the cost of replacing parts and engineering stack up considerably over time, your legal obligation should an accident occur as a result of a worn towing eye or hitch pin can cost you as much as 100x the investment of the the world’s safest quick hitch on the market – Swifthitch! We took safety seriously when developing…

Under the recent update to the towing regulations, your obligations as an equipment owner state that should the towing components be worn, damaged, fractured, or deformed at any point more than 10% their original size, the worn component must be replaced.  It also states that pins or hooks must not be repaired or welded.

“in the typical situation the eye or pin can be worn beyond compliance in as short as one season!”

A classic example of a worn towing eye – this example actually has 40% wear – imagine the implications!


And that’s why the Swifthitch is gaining serious traction!

One of the reasons is the unique design of the ‘bolt-in’ replaceable wearpad, and other reasons is the list of safety features which make it the safest quick hitch on the market and the strength of the design that has been fully FEA tested and built to ISO standards. 

Benefits of the unique ‘bolt-in’ replaceable wearpad:

  1. Larger wear surface than others = longer life, and less wear to towing eye.
  2. Bolted = no more grinding and welding to replace the wearpad, no downtime waiting for an engineer, and less exposure to risk. 
  3. Softer surface than towing eye = longer lasting towing eye, less exposure to risk.

Other safety features include: 

  1. Largest latch mechanism pin on the market = robust latch that is matched to the rated capacity
  2. More towing eye cover than any other hitch = reduced exposure to accidental disconnection
  3. Latching mechanism is protected inside the structure = less prone to latch getting caught and accidentally disconnecting the trailer
  4. Best visibility on the market = clear view of the pin and latch, to ensure accurate connection and latching
  5. FEA tested design = tow ratings, and strength you can trust in

Shown here both Heavy Duty and Super Duty Swifthitches being dispatched.