How a Hustler Unrolla LX105 bale feeder transformed life on a Chilean cattle farm

Published 11th July 2024

Tired of spending hours on end feeding your livestock? See how the Hustler Unrolla LX105 transformed daily chores for the Berner family in Chile, turning feeding time into a breeze and freeing up valuable hours for other activities on the farm and invaluable family time. Watch the testimonial video of Pamela to see how this innovative tool can simplify your farm life too!

In the picturesque commune of Puerto Montt in Chile, a remarkable transformation has taken place on a family-run cattle farm. Pamela Berner, an agronomist by training, along with her husband and three children, have discovered a game-changing solution to one of their most pressing daily challenges – feeding their herd.

“We’ve been raising cattle for about six, seven years now,” Pamela explained. “We started with fattening steers for about three years, and then we switched to breeding.” But it wasn’t always smooth sailing for this hardworking family.

A typical day on the Berner farm used to be a delicate balancing act. “One of us, either my husband or me, takes the kids to school in Puerto Montt,” Pamela recounted. “This person stays in Puerto Montt all day, while the other one at home handles the livestock feeding.” It was this feeding process that had become the bane of their existence.

“Until last year, we were using an ATV and a small cart,” Pamela recalled. “We’d give 10, 12 or even 15 bales a day, and it was honestly torture.” The process was not only time-consuming but physically exhausting and mentally draining. “It used to take us 2 or 3 hours to feed,” she added.


“We are very happy with it. It has made our lives so much easier”


The toll on family life was significant. “It was so hard, and it was always a debate about who was going to do it,” Pamela confessed. “Plus, the mess from the bales was terrible. We were already very tired of that topic. We were so tired of it all.”

But everything changed when they introduced the Hustler Unrolla LX105 bale unroller to their operation. The transformation was nothing short of miraculous. “We are very happy with it. It has made our lives so much easier,” Pamela beamed. “With the Hustler machine, you load and unload in no time. It’s super easy. It’s been a lifesaver.”


“With the Hustler machine, you load and unload in no time. It’s super easy. It’s been a lifesaver”


The impact on their daily routine has been profound. “Now we can do it in half an hour or even less,” Pamela said. But it’s not just about time saved. The quality of life improvement has been immeasurable. “Now, it’s incredibly easy. We don’t get dirty, and the house isn’t filled with hay like it used to be. It’s been a huge change.”

Maintenance of the new equipment has proven to be a breeze as well. “The machine is very easy to maintain,” Pamela noted. “I don’t maintain it myself; my husband does, but it’s quick and easy. He just has to grease a few spots that he knows about.” Even the initial concerns about operating the machine quickly dissipated. “We thought it would be hard to take it on and off the forks, but it’s not. It just takes a little practice.”


“The truth is, the time we save feeding with this system is priceless”


Perhaps the most significant impact has been on the family’s most precious resource: time. “The truth is, the time we save feeding with this system is priceless,” Pamela reflects. “Time is the most valuable thing we have. We don’t realize it, we don’t appreciate it, but having time for ourselves or our kids is priceless.”

The Berner family’s experience with the Hustler Unrolla LX105 bale unroller is a testament to how innovative agricultural technology can dramatically improve not just farm efficiency, but quality of life for farming families. What was once a daily ordeal has become a quick and easy task, freeing up hours each day for other activities, whether it’s focusing on other aspects of farm management or simply spending more time together as a family.

As Pamela looks out over her farm, her contentment is palpable. “This system has really changed our lives for the better,” she says with a smile. It’s a powerful reminder that sometimes, the right tool can make all the difference, turning daily drudgery into a manageable task and giving hardworking farmers like the Berners the gift of time – truly the most precious commodity of all.


Unrolla LX105 round bale feeder – 6 Key benefits in a nutshell

  1. Tough Chains. Tough chain and floor bars are bullet-proof and last the entire life span of the feeder. Super strong roller chains with a combined strength of 24,000lbs, with tough 40mm x 40mm zinc-plated bars. Bars are bolted to the chain, a stronger and more easily replaceable system.
  2. Covered Drive Bearings. The Unrolla LX105 has covered drive bearings to keep the dirt and the mud out, extending bearing life.
  3. Polyethylene Floor. A solid thermoformed, fully enclosed polyethylene floor with covered drive shafts eliminates wrapping.  It’s non-corrosive, impervious to UV, slippery, easily repairable and very shock resistant. 
  4. Enclosed Sprockets. The 6 tooth sprockets are made from Bisalloy (the same material used in a bulldozer blade) so they last forever. With smaller diameter sprockets less torque is required to drive the chains, giving more drive power for tough bales. Designed so it is impossible for the chain to jump off the sprockets, this saves you downtime in the field.
  5. Protected Drive. The LX105 Unrolla drive coupling is protected to eliminate hay from jamming it when connecting, and the hardened drive connection which has been proven on thousands of machines is built to last.
  6. Protected Motor. We’ve protected the motor from coming into contact with the tractor tire, which can save you costly downtime and repairs when your tractor has short linkage arms.

Do you want to know more about Hustler bale feeder range? Contact us today for a chat or a demo, you’ll be glad you did!


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