Maximise efficiency and safety on farm with the versatile and durable tip trailer Hustler LoadMax TX110

Published 25th May 2023
New Zealand

We recently visited Mark Cox’s beef and dairy support operation located in North Canterbury, New Zealand, who recently bought a new Hustler LoadMax TX110 tip trailer. With outstanding features, reliability, and versatility, the trailer has become an indispensable asset in the farming operation. Watch Mark’s video review to discover why this trailer is a game-changer.


Mark Cox runs an 1100-hectare (2718-acre) farm – of which 500 hectares (1235 acres) are leased – in Te Pirita, a small rural area at the heart of the Canterbury Plains of New Zealand. With a focus on cattle finishing and dairy support, the farm relies on reliable and efficient equipment to streamline daily tasks. Among their trusted arsenal is the recently released Hustler LoadMax TX110 tip trailer, a versatile workhorse that has proven its mettle in the demanding agricultural landscape. 

“We’ve been operating a Hustler Chainless feeder for about six or seven years. Really reliable piece of equipment – upgraded our feedout wagons to Hustler,” Mark said. This positive experience with Hustler products led them to explore the LoadMax TX110 tip trailer when it came to investing in a farm trailer. When it comes to getting new equipment for his farm, Cox is meticulous in his selection process.

“It looked to be a fantastic new product,” Mark recalled. “The equipment we do buy we do take a bit of time to figure out which one’s good and which one’s bad. Looked at a number of different trailers that are on the market and this seems to be a trailer that’s got all the features of all the trailers in one unit. Solidly built so that will last for years,” he added.


“LoadMax has proved to be reliable, great bit of equipment with good features”


Recognising the importance of investing in equipment that stands the test of time, Mark emphasizes the trailer’s solid construction, ensuring years of dependable service. Built with resilience in mind, the trailer effortlessly endures the rugged terrain commonly found on farms, thanks to its low-load dual tyres that provide stability and maneuverability. “It’s proved to be reliable, great bit of equipment with good features,” Mark said.

On a farm, diverse tasks emerge daily, demanding equipment that can adapt to varying needs. Mark commends the Loadmax TX110 tip trailer for its versatility, stating, “Having a versatile trailer is important. It’s got low load dual tires which are good stability because a lot of it’s on rough ground.”

This flexibility allows the operator to seamlessly transition between different activities, from hauling shingles to transporting hay, thanks to the trailer’s drop-down sides and generous size deck. The ability to tackle multiple tasks with a single unit saves time and effort, making it an invaluable asset for the farm’s operations. “Being on a farm, there’s lots of little jobs all the time. Having a versatile trailer is important,” Mark said.


“Having a versatile trailer is important”


The Hustler LoadMax tip trailer range has been indeed designed with versatility in mind. From the folding, load-bearing headboard, 2-piece folding and removable sides with center and corner posts that serve as bolsters, 2-way swinging tailgate, massive toolboxes, and the largest deck size in its class (4500 x 2400 mm), LoadMax is designed as the most versatile trailer on the market be it for transporting dirt, rocks, manure, bales, bags, logs, pipes… you name it, LoadMax is ready.

One of the standout features of the Loadmax TX110 tip trailer is its automatic gate opener, which Mark describes as “great” and “easy to use.” Unlike many trailers on the market, the Loadmax TX110 comes equipped with this convenient feature as standard.


“The tipping feature with the automatic gate is great – easy to for the operator use”


The trailer’s well-thought-out design extends beyond the gate opener, with strategically placed tie rails and cabinets for storing essential gear – all part of Hustler’s commitment to providing a comprehensive and user-friendly experience, enabling operators to work efficiently and safely. “A lot of the trailers on the market don’t have an automatic gate opener or it’s an added feature, whereas this came part of the package”, Mark said.

LoadMax comes standard with 8 unique operator convenience features including:

  1. Hassle-free hydraulic tailgate release 
  2. Massive toolboxes on both sides of the chassis
  3. The angled top of the 500-mm high sides prevents material build-up and spillage
  4. 2-way swinging tailgate 
  5. Folding, load-bearing headboard
  6. Lifting eyes on sides and dual-swing tailgate
  7. Central greasing 
  8. Quick-Lift, centre-mounted jack

A steeper tipping angle, taller sides, and high-pivot tailgate make for easy off-loading of even the stickiest of materials. The powerful multi-stage cylinder minimizes the oil capacity requirement and provides a generous redundancy in lifting power. LoadMax cylinders use chrome shafts for longevity and reduced maintenance. 


“LoadMax is really well thought through”


With an strong chassis, reinforced sides and tailgate, longer-lasting steel deck, proven axles system with the largest pivot surface area in the industry, central greasing point for axles, hydraulic tailgate release, durable ArmaCoat powder finish, LoadMax is built for a longer hassle-free lifespan, and great resale value.

In today’s health and safety-conscious environment, the Loadmax TX110 tip trailer shines as a beacon of operator comfort and security.

Mark highlights the convenience of operating the trailer from the cab, emphasizing its positive impact on worker safety. With controls within reach, the operator can easily manage trailer functions without compromising their well-being. “Our guys can operate from the cab, which in today’s health and safety environment is a real winner,” Mark concluded.

Hustler’s dedication to ergonomic design and safety integration ensures that the Loadmax TX110 is more than just a reliable workhorse – it’s a partner that prioritizes the well-being of those who operate it.

With its reliability, versatility, and user-friendly features, the Hustler LoadMax TX110 tip trailer has become an essential tool on Cox’s farm.

The Hustler LoadMax is available in 3 different models/capacities!

  • LoadMax TX108 | 8 tonnes
  • LoadMax TX110 | 10 tonnes
  • LoadMax TX114 | 14 tonnes

Do you want to know more about Hustler farm equipment range? Contact us today, you’ll be glad you did!


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