Victoria dairy farmer loves his Hustler Combi CM116 because “it just makes life easier”

Published 3rd July 2021

Paul Tobin’s dairy operation in Eskdale, Victoria in Australia has been made a lot easier since he started using a Hustler Combi CM116 to feed out into his feed pads.

With his Swifthitch, he’s able to connect & disconnect the tractor from the wagon with ease, use his Softhands to load feed into the Combi, then reconnect and get to work. “I don’t need two tractors to do the feed out, which is really handy … and you’re saving yourself a hundred – a hundred fifty thousand bucks!”

Paul Tobin has been farming since he was 22 years old and you could tell that he loves it. His family has always grown up on a farm and they are all fans of outdoor activities.

Paul’s farm is located in the Mitta Valley, approximately 20 km down the Mitta Mitta River from Dartmouth Dam, one of Australia’s major water storages. The rich alluvial soils of the river flats have supported a thriving dairy and beef industry for five generations. 

The farm is about 100 hectares, including an 80-hectare milking platform. With 160 cows, the ratio is about two cows per hectare. In a normal year, Paul usually feeds his herd with lucerne bales, silage and summer crops.


The Combi is the perfect wagon for quick feed pad feeding

Paul is using a Hustler Combi wagon to feed into a feed pad. According to Paul, this system “stops the feed being wasted and the cows using it as bedding in the paddocks in the heavy winter rains.”

At the start, Paul confided that he was a bit worried that he would not be able to properly feed out into troughs, but his concerns were quickly allayed in the first few distribution sessions. “You can raise and lower the conveyor so that drops nicely in the troughs,” Paul explained.


“You can raise and lower the conveyor so that drops nicely in the troughs”


As well as being suitable for all types of feed, the tilting side elevator of Hustler’s new Combi CM and RX ranges allows the operator to feed out anywhere around the farm, on the ground, in a trough, in a feed pad or over a fence. They also come with a standard feed pad kit designed to eliminate spillage of feed in the isle.

“The machine works perfectly, my feed pad is right next to the dairy,” continued Paul. With Hustler, “instead of getting up at 4.30 am, you’re getting up at 5 am, that’s the benefit of the machine,” concluded Paul.


One Combi. One tractor. All types of feed!


“The beauty of the Combi is that I don’t need a second tractor”


When Paul bought his Combi CM116, he decided to buy two other Hustler implements, a Swifthitch (3-point linkage quick hitch) and a set of Softhands (bale handlers) for an even quicker operation. “I can drop off the Combi pretty quick, grab my silage, put it in the back, hooking back up so I don’t need two tractors to do the feed out which is really handy,” said Paul.


“It just makes life much easier and you’re saving yourself a hundred and fifty thousand bucks”


Swifthitch provides more maneuverability and easier connecting than any tow bar quick hitch! It’s easier to use and saves your precious time. Swifthitch also has the strongest latching system providing more safety and thank to an easily replaceable wear pad, you’ll never need to get the grinder and welder out again.


The design of the Hustler’s Combi CM range has been well thought out to avoid wasting time in the workshop. Thus, you will find standard features such as:

  • Self-aligning bearings instead of bushes for longer service intervals, more reliability and lower maintenance
  • Low maintenance elevator spillage fans reduced to the minimum number of panels in order to eliminate a maximum of wearing parts from the design
  • Axles’ central greasing station to easily and quickly access the grease points


Do you want to know more about Hustler’s Combi ranges? Contact us today, you’ll be glad you did!

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