Why a dairy farmer chose the Hustler EzFeed silage wagon over a TMR mixer wagon

Published 11th May 2023
New Zealand

Richard Hubber, an equity manager contract milker on a 330-hectare farm in the Otago region, New Zealand shares his insights on why he chose the Hustler EzFeed SM130 silage wagon over a mixer wagon, highlighting its simplicity, durability, and benefits for silage-based feeding. Watch Richard’s video testimonial to find out more!


Richard initially contemplated purchasing a mixer wagon but ultimately decided on the Hustler EzFeed silage wagon due to its simplicity and ease of use. As someone responsible for managing a 500-milking cow operation, Richard needed a robust and straightforward feeding solution. The EzFeed silage wagon proves to be an ideal solution for farmers who primarily rely on silage as their preferred supplementary feed. If you don’t require a mixed ingredient diet for your herd and value efficiency, fuel savings, and low maintenance, the EzFeed silage wagon is the perfect choice.


“I needed a strong robust wagon that was simple to use”


As the name suggests EzFeed makes feeding silage easier than ever before. As standard only one set of hydraulics is all it takes to connect and power the whole machine and our clever adjustable load-sensing hydraulics takes care of the rest making EzFeed the ideal wagon for any staff, regardless their experience or machinery skills.

The ability to feed out along the fence line and minimize wastage, particularly during dry summer months, was a significant factor in his decision-making process.

The EzFeed wagon‘s feature of feeding out on both sides also appealed to Richard,especially when he needs to feed out indoor, in the barn. EzFeed is the first silage wagon to feature TwinFeed™ left or right hand feed discharge as standard for more feeding versatility. And with 5 positions for the discharge floor allows for easy setup when feeding into troughs. Coming soon is an electric in-cab controller option for on the fly feed direction change and hydraulic side-shift.


“I liked the feature of being able to feed out both sides in the barn”


Richard highlights the seamless performance of the EzFeed wagon, emphasizing its reliability. The wider design of the wagon makes it easier to fill, preventing silage from tipping over the sides.

Richard particularly appreciates the integrated scales, which connect to his phone via a dedicated app, Feedlink™. “My favourite thing about it is it’s it would be the scales, it’s just so simple links to my phone straightaway or anyone as long as you’ve got the app on your phone,” Richard explained.  The scales provide accurate measurements of the silage in real-time, making it effortless to monitor and control the feeding process. With a capacity of 13 cubic meters, the Hustler EzFeed SM130 silage wagon accommodates seven to eight wet tonnes of silage or even baleage without any issues.


“Feeds it out no trouble”


The robust construction of the EzFeed wagon is another aspect that appealed to Richard. The presence of a chain across the elevator ensures strength and durability, surpassing the performance of his previous rubber mat cross elevator.


“I went from a rubber mat cross elevator before and I wanted something a bit more stronger”


With EzFeed gone are the days of trouble-some link chains and conveyor belts which require constant adjustment, fine-tuning and are often slipping or breaking disrupting your feeding program. EzFeed is the first wagon on the market to run a 100% roller-chain design to overcome this. 

Given the high volume of silage fed to the herd, Richard needed a machine that could withstand heavy use. The Hustler EzFeed wagon, with its stronger chain and roller chain on the floor, proved to be the ideal solution.

Richard’s positive experiences with other Hustler equipment, such as the Hustler bale feeder, played a role in his decision to choose the EzFeed silage wagon. “I got a Hustler bale feeder. It’s great machine. It’s a few years old now and fed out a lot of bales so it’s going well. So that’s another reason why I chose Hustler too because it was obviously a proven good product,” Richard said. 

He commends the visibility from the seat, which allows for precise feeding. “You can see everything from the seat. Fantastic, brilliant. Really it sits by an effect and you can actually see where you’re when you’re feeding out,” Richard said.


“Fantastic, brilliant”


Richard also praises the exceptional after-sales service provided by the company. Any initial issues, such as the back door popping open, were promptly addressed by the Hustler team, reaffirming their commitment to customer satisfaction. “They just rang me up and said that they were in the area so they just turned up and changed it. Easy peasy,” Richard said.

Richard acknowledges the widespread popularity of Hustler Equipment in the Southland and Otago regions, where feeding out supplements is common practice. The brand’s reputation for reliable and high-quality products, including their Softhands bale handler range, has solidified its position as a trusted choice among farmers in the area.

Richard’s feedback on the Hustler EzFeed silage wagon, particularly its user-friendly design, durability, and excellent after-sales service, highlight the advantages it brings to modern farming operations. For farmers seeking a versatile, efficient, and reliable feeding solution, the Hustler EzFeed silage wagon proves to be a worthy investment, backed by Richard’s endorsement and the brand’s established reputation in the agricultural industry.


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