Canada’s Most Innovative Bale Processors.

This Bale Processor Gives You More Live Weight Gains Per Bale Than Any Other Processor.

We’re a 3 generation family business manufacturing a unique bale processing systems that are simple to operate, minimizes feed damage and maximizes feed quality. It’s not only good for your cattle, but it’s also great for your pocket. You’ll save fuel, maintenance, and you’ll never have to worry about plugging again!

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Want a Zero

Postpartum Mortality Rate?

For Scott Mericka, this was a reality once he changed his feeding system over to the unique bale feeding system offered by Hustler. And because it kept his cows cleaner and healthier, it enabled him to go from 150 cows to 230 cows, with less replacements, on the same 1500 bales per year.

AND it boosted his in-calf rate by 8-10%

The difference is in the leaf.

You invest your time, and money into preserving the leaf when making hay. We allow you to preserve this highly nutritional leaf  when feeding your cattle

No Processor Preserves the Leaf like a Hustler!

Traditional Processor Comparison

Leading Canadian ranchers are discovering many benefits from trading their high maintenance traditional processor for the Hustler bale feeding system.

The 3 most common reasons these ranchers are trading their traditional hay processor for the Hustler’s unique feeding system are:

1. Hay remains intact and is not destroyed. 

The bale feeder simply teases the bale apart into a tidy windrow without chopping or grinding the bale. This preserves the nutritional goodness in the leaf and grains in the bale rather than destroying it.

2. Increased versatility

Whatever bale you have Hustler’s Chainless feeders will feed it out. – Round and Square bales of all sizes, Wrapped high moisture baled silage, Hay & straw bales of all forage types and even bales that have frozen.

3. Simplicity 

You demand reliability, a key reason ranchers love the simplicity of Hustler’s feeding systems. No wearing parts to maintain or vibrate loose. Simple hydraulic powered design. No dust to clog air filters or harm your cattle.

Bale Unroller Comparison

Watch the video of Matt & Jamie Tuckwiller explain how their new Chainless X5000 compared to their old bale unroller

The Hustler feeding system transforms feeding bales to cattle reducing waste, increasing efficiency in an easy to use package.

  • Saving 30% of your feed costs
  • Cutting fuel consumption by 50%
  • Cutting feeding time by 30%
  • Feed without needing to clear a path in the snow
  • Feeds tight, frozen, baled silage, and squares bales

Being hydraulically powered, and self-loading, Hustler’s trailing bale feeders can be operated behind a pickup that has 2x double acting hydraulic outlets fitted.

TMR Combination

Combining the Hustler feeder with your TMR can be a real fuel, time & maintenance saver! And you'll invest less than just one hire of a tub grinder

Although some ranchers feed out with a balefeeder, then lay mixed ingredients over the top – a mixer wagon is still the best option for mixing feed with other ingredients. However, a Hustler feeder has a role to play in reducing the time, fuel and maintenance it takes for a TMR mixer to grind up an entire bale.

You can weigh-in the exact amount of hay, eliminating complicated ration calculations as well as errors in working out the correct proportions of other nutrients based on bale weight.

Each bale can be unrolled in less than 2 minutes directly into the TMR or commodities shed, eliminating the cost of hiring a tub grinder.

Hay Ring Combination

Feed savings achieved, using Hustler’s feeding system are 40-60% compared to hay rings/ring feeders. And we'll guarantee you 40% savings!

Yes that’s almost half of your bales we’re prepared to guarantee that you will save. So take the test drive of our savings calculator and if you like what you see book a no obligation demonstration on your ranch.

Whilst hay savings is the biggest benefit of Hustler’s bale feeding system there are many other benefits:

  • Eliminate pasture damage and the cost of pasture renewal
  • Manure is spread throughout the pasture making use of these valuable nutrients
  • Feed is not contaminated with mud or dirt from trampling
  • Each cow gets equal access to feed, eliminating the runt
  • Cattle have clean pasture to feed on everyday, without having to feed in the mud.
  • Seeds in the bale are effectively spread throughout the pasture germinating into new pasture
  • Bales are simply teased apart without chopping, grinding, or shredding, which makes it more palatable for your cattle and the nutritional goodness in each bale is not destroyed!

And much more… 


Like to test-drive a Hustler? Register for the next demonstration day on a ranch near you, and join us with other progressive ranchers on these great, ol’-fashioned demonstration days and a free lunch.

Can’t wait till one near you? We’ll fly you to the next event!

100% Satisfaction is our commitment to you.


We are so confident about our products that we guarantee 100% satisfaction  – that’s our commitment to you, we will see you right, and if you’re not completely happy within 30 days, you can take up our money back guarantee.

When customers buy a Hustler, they not only expect reliability, they expect the legendary Hustler product support that helps them to keep going when things get tough. That’s why all Hustler products carry a full 2-year warranty.

Field Consultants

Angus Hewetson
Global Business Development Manager


USA: (814)-297-7679


AU: 1800 750 428

Before coming to Hustler, Angus owned and spent almost 20 years building and developing Westland Farmers, a retail New Holland and Kubota dealership for which he sold and supported Hustler products. Thanks to Angus’ experience and passion, Westland Farmers won Hustler’s top dealership award for a number of years. After selling the dealership, Angus joined the Hustler team and brings a wealth of experience in farm machinery to the table.

Ryan Carroll
Aftersales Customer Care


+64 (0) 220 835 233

Ryan has been on the team since 2008, and has come through the ranks as a production welding, factory foreman, production planning and procurement. It’s this invaluable, hands-on experience with the company and his people skills that enables Ryan to take good care of existing customers in role of aftersales support helping you get the most value out of Hustler.

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