You Can Cut TMR Mixing Time In Half.

A real fuel & time saver!  Unroll each bale directly into a TMR mixer in less than 2 minutes, saving a massive amount of time, fuel and wear of the knives from having to grind up each bale inside the mixer. And you can weigh-in the exact amount.





Feeding bales directly into a TMR Mixer

Although some ranchers feed out with a bale feeder, then lay mixed ingredients over the top – a mixer wagon is still the best option for mixing feed with other ingredients. However, a Hustler feeder has a role to play in reducing the time it takes for a mixer wagon or TMR feeder to grind up an entire bale, by feeding directly into the machine.

Because the feed is teased apart, a lot less power is needed for mixing– which leads to savings in time, diesel consumed and maintenance costs.

By using the Hustler system to load the TMR, the exact amount of hay required can be precisely loaded into the machine. This eliminates complicated ration calculations as well as errors in working out the correct proportions of other nutrients based on bale weight.

Suitable for:
Hay, baleage or straw
Round or square bales
Telehandler, Skid Steer loader or tractor with front loader


Other ways you can use a Hustler Bale feeder.

Not only can this be used for breaking up bales for your TMR mixer, this can be used for feeding your livestock in multiple different ways leading you to saving fuel, time, feed and money. 

– Feeding into a long narrow windrow
– Feeding into hay rings
– Front and rear mounted (feed behind or in front of the machine)
– Bunk/trough feeding
– Over fence or hot wire

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“The CHX5000 has performed well in our operation, as a bale unloader in our bunker silo where we load the hay directly into our feed trucks as well as unloading big bales directly into fence line bunks.”

Mark Mahnken, Missouri (USA) - Chainless X5000/TX205

“As you will find with all Hustler gear, it is very well made, with the highest quality powder coating finish. Three years into the use of our SL360X/LX105, we have had no breakdown issues.”

Paul Lightroller, Mount Taranaki (New Zealand) - Unrolla SL360X/LX105

“It just makes life much easier and you’re saving yourself a hundred and fifty thousand bucks”

Paul Tobin, Eskdale (Australia) - Combi CM116
Hustler Bale Feeder SL 360x

“I was fretting overseeing too much waste and you can’t see it anymore”

Justin & Lauren Hansen, Malakoff, Texas (United States), Unrolla LX105 & Chainless SX105

“This Hustler machine is one of the best cattle feeding equipment that I’ve owned for a long time”

Callum Kettles, Penrith (England) - Unrolla SL450X/LM105T

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